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No Mind Festival 2017: Musician

Peruquois LIVE

Peruquois (Australia) - "Voice of the Mother Earth"

After graduating from Australian conservatory Peruquois became a successful jazz singer ascending along Sydney music hierarchy. Though her calling for the real music that can heal people was so strong that life heard her and brought Native American Medicine Man John Towbirds, who was touring in Australia. Peruquois left her band and her successfully evolving career for the high desert lands of New Mexico, USA. She spent in and out of the state nearly 11 years learning a new way of life and a new way how to let the sound of eternity sings through you.

Later Peruquois left him and went travelling to India - to study for 5 years what is possibly the most sophisticated music system in the world.

To the date she released 10 CDs and did 18 international concert tours.

For her potent versatile emotive voice she has been called "Voice of the Mother Earth", "Voice of the Sacred Feminine".

Voice that has power to stop time and open the floodgates of mystery.