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No Mind Festival 2017: Musician

Ecstatic Chanting Circle. Mantras and Heartsongs

Kevin James is a chant leader from Australia who has developed from years of experience, the art of leading ecstatic chant and open heart connection with his voice, mantras and heartsong.
Kevin travels the globe constantly with the intention of joining with others who feel the call to re-connect to source and remember who we are beyond the illusions of ego.

"I was so amazed at the energy he helped direct in the room, and to be honest I felt it for days, I had no idea how powerful kirtan was until then, I am so grateful, thank you.." C.M.

Sing mantras, dance, fly together in the group consciousness, devotion and community spirit.
Kevin James' music is a world fusion of chanting. Weaving ancient Mantras with his own prayers and hearts song,

Perfection is not outside of the self.
Its an attitude that connects us.
Chanting helps us remember.