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No Mind Festival 2017: Workshopleader

Belly2Belly & Deep Heart Connection for Groups, Partners and Parents & Children

David Cates has devoted 44 years of his adult life to exploring sex, intimacy and connection. He travels the world as a deeply respected tantra teacher, sexual healer, mentor and beloved elder.

He created the Belly2Belly practice so random strangers can move together into a palpable shared experience of trust and loving connection. His recent explorations involve using tantric embodiment practices to create synchronized group heart fields. Angsbacka will be the largest group heart field ever generated with this practice.

Here at No Mind, David will be guiding partners and groups in this dynamic experience of Oneness. For the first time in Europe, he will be introducing a new, profoundly simple way for parents and children of all ages to synchronize their nervous systems and regain their original state of innocent trust and connection.

"To change your mind, use thought. To change your heart, use feeling. But to change physical reality, you must use your body!"