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6-8 October 2017

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Nordic Men’s Gathering

Workshop Leaders



Alexander Bard (SE)

Alexander is a philosopher, and former artist and music producer, based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently working on his fifth book with co-author Jan Söderqvist, and both in their latest fourth book “Syntheism – Creating God in The Internet Age” and in the forthcoming fifth book, with the working title “Digital Libido”, Bard & Söderqvist propose a general model for how the Male Gender ended up in a deep crisis in contemporary society, and how this crisis must be solved both through an adaption to the changing times and through a return to Man’s sociobiological foundation, as an equal but in many if not most instances radically different gender from Woman. Bard’s own contribution to such a Man’s Movement lies in laying the theoretical foundation for understanding the Male Gender, the different archetypes of Man, and how these personality types should and must be trained to collaborate in teams of excellence, to provide a new generation of men with the one thing they desire most in their lives: a profound sense of purpose.



Gustav Högfeldt (SE)

Gustav is a psychomotor therapist, born in Sweden but has been living in Denmark for the last 10 years. His life mission is to bring forward the full potential and authenticity in people through movement and physical expression. Already as a child he found great pleasure and resources in having a very physical lifestyle. The time was spent climbing in the trees, wrestling with the friends and by time many different disciplines such as weightlifting and martial arts. As a grown up he started diving into the area of personal development and he has been taking a number of trainings and educations in a number of experiential and body oriented therapies. A crucial part of his journey has been mens work. Today Gustav works as a bodyworker with refugees and is holding workshops in physical mens work.



Eivind Figenschau Skjellum (NO)

After spending most of his 20s as a practitioner within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Eivind realized that his quest for enlightenment had ended, and his quest for a masculine identity had begun. Being led by his own ignorance of what it meant to be a man, he founded, a website using integral and archetypal theory to analyse popular culture.

In 2011, Eivind founded Authentic Norway, the first authentic relating community in Europe, and arena for many of the meetings and co-creative ventures that laid the foundation for the European Circling community.

In 2012, he co-created the Reclaim your Inner Throne process work, a powerful modality based on a unique application of neo-Jungian archetypal theory. It has been named “constellation work on steroids” by participants and observers. In 2014, he delivered the Reclaim your Inner Throne 3-month online training to the world, which he hosts to this day. Eivind remains committed to his evolutionary work in the world, and considers the work of helping men rediscover a masculinity beyond the misconceptions of the political right and left as the most important challenge facing the world today.



Buster Rådvik (SE)

Buster Rådvik, MA, is a somatic psychotherapist with over ten years of work experience. He offers individual counseling and group therapy for men who struggle with sex, relationship and intimacy issues. Today’s “manliness” is measured and externally validated. Do you have cash? A hot woman. A six pack? Big dick? Many men experience that they have no other value than what they do. Inherently worthless they spend their lives trying to prove the opposite. However its fraud cause manhood can not be achieved. It’s something you are. You are a man. Identity is deepened through initiatory experiences. I felt that I had become a man first after I was able to truly be with the most vulnerable within myself. It took a life crisis, a surrender into uncharted territory, to get me on my knees, open up my heart to all of me. Today as the world we inherited from our forefathers is falling apart we have an opportunity to let the unknown initiate us into who we really are as men. Short and Sweet and to the point: Women give birth to boys and men raise men. The more of our darkness we embrace the more of our true power shines through. Its is time to step through shame and isolation. To be who we are. Unique, gifted and inherently worthy. Feel genuine connection and intimacy with our brothers. Together we can do it. Alone we are screwed. Buster.


Jakob Kærgaard (DK)

Jakob has been practising the yogic and tantric techniques to work with the sexual energy of the body for the past 14 years. He has been teaching the ’Vital Force Sexual Mastery for men’ course for the past 4 years where he specifically teaches men how to master their sexual energy. He teaches and facilitates men’s group based in Copenhagen and increasingly also abroad, with strong emphasis on deep and direct sharing and feedback. He holds a Master’s degree in philosophy and history and a black belt in Shotokan karate. He has practised yoga, martial arts and meditation for several years, which he sees also as supplementary techniques to work with and sublimate the vital energies of our body. He is a passionate teacher that loves to share his knowledge and to create brotherhood among men.

Jakob’s website is, which is presently in Danish, but will soon be translated to English



Paul Lloyd Robson (ZA / DK)

Paul is born and raised in South Africa and has been living in Scandinavia for 14 years. He is educated as a Political Scientist and spent 9 years working as a sustainability consultant in the corporate world. He has taught scuba diving, rock climbing, acroyoga, dance and bodywork and is passionate about the body as well as being a dedicated meditator. Today he spends most of his time as the leader of Satkaya Education, a one year program for future wisdom leaders.

Paul has a deep passion for working towards a more integrated perspective between the genders and is the organiser for the Nordic Men’s Gathering. He believes that there is a need for men to bond in brotherhood and trust in order to break out of old patterns of behavior and to find a deeper sense of freedom, alignment and purpose.



Herman Ottosson (SE)

Herman started his first vegetarian restaurant at age 21 and had a chain of seven restaurants up and running before he turned 25. He has been on the yogic path since 1996 and has more than 2400 hours of workshop experience in the field of somatic psychotherapy, tantra etc. He has been facilitating mens groups in Stockholm since 2012 called The Raw Man.

“The main problem for many men is their head. Too many ungrounded words, too much headiness, connection lost between balls, heart and head. If you want to be successful in the marketplace or with women it helps a lot to express yourself via the body; your life purpose or your sexual desire as an focused, directed energy, transmitted through your body, not your mouth.” Herman




Practical Information

Nordic Men’s Gathering 2017
6-8 October 2017

Arrival & Departure

Friday 6 October

• 15:00-18:00 Optional workshop for those who arrive early
• 16:00-18:30 check-in and access to the sleeping rooms
• Dinner is served: 18.00 and the first gathering for all is at 19:30 in Upper Barn

Sunday 8 October

  • The gathering ends at: 16.30

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Nordic Men’s Gathering 2017
6-8 October 2017

Online registration is no longer open. Contact booking @ to place yourself on the waiting list.

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