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28 April-1 May 2017

Kundalini Spirit Gathering

~ Days of Sanghat ~

If you are one of the countless souls that is drawn to the practice of Kundalini Yoga with a magnetic pull. One of the these beings that feel that it creates a special vibration, a lasting effect of inner harmony and joy – a possibility to live a healthy, happy and holy life.

Welcome to enjoy this year’s Kundalini Spirit Gathering!


For the second time at Ängsbacka

We come together again after the appreciated deep and transformative journey last year. Come for a chance to connect with yourself and others in an authentic, fulfilling way.

It’s so joyful to rise up together early in the morning to join the Aquarian Sadhana to sing together with Anna and Joakim from Satmander Yoga playing live music. Attend to workshops with teachers that are living their truth, sharing their wisdom and inspiring you to be the full you, the beautiful you that is complete in every moment. Since the teachings of Vikrampal Singh got such positive feedback we are very happy that he will come back this year again to share his wisdom. And “YES” we will trust the teachings to do it’s magic again with a powerful 2½ hour mantra meditation that was like a rocket last year.

But most of all to come together, to create a space of love, to meet yourself with pure love, to radiate your grace from your heart. You are embraced if you have never tried Kundalini Yoga before, this could be a great chance to change. If you have, you know why it is always so beneficial to do it again. Bring your family and friends, young and old they are all welcome to join us here.

Workshop Leaders, teachers and musicians

Here are some of the loving souls who will be serving and guiding this event:

  • Vikrampal Singh
  • Ransher Kaur
  • Martin Siri Jodha
  • Pernilla Dalprem
  • Sadhana musicians are Albin Hammarback, Emma Sund, Hanna Wretmark & Lovisa Frantzich


There might be some more teachers sharing their gifts but our intention is to keep the program focused with an clear unified direction.


“Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one’s being, from bodily health to self realization. Yoga means union – the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day to day life and endows skill in the performance of one’s actions.”

B.K.S. Iyengar


Daily program

One day at the gathering may look like this:

  • 05:00 am Aquarian Sadhana with live music
  • 08:00 am A hearty breakfast of porridge, smoothies, fruit and herbal teas
  • 10:00 am Morning Meeting and Communal guided meditation for world peace
  • 11:00 am Workshops
  • 01:30 pm Lunch – the day’s main meal  – vegetarian
  • 03:00 pm Sharing 
in small groups
  • 04:15 pm Lecture or workshop
  • 07:00 pm Dinner – a light evening meal of soup, vegetable stir-fries etc
  • 08:30 pm Evening relaxation, Mantra singing, Gong Meditation, Dance and Sauna.

Then it’s up to you to practice your yoga in the way that you want. Soft and still, powerful and challenging or meditative out in the beautiful forest: the choice is yours.


Welcome Ceremony

In this beautiful gathering we bring the energies in, set the stage to meet each other in love and grace. We invite you to bring something that represent your intention of being here that you can place on the altar if you wish. The ceremony starts at 19.30 on Friday the 28th of April.


Seva – Working Meditation

Ängsbacka is a place that has attracted thousands of people over the years that want to grow in consciousness and live in a supportive community. Right now there is about 30 volunteers all year round, fifteen staff and over hundred people living in the extended community. During the gathering you will be able to get a glimpse of this when you do your working meditation with the volunteers. It’s a great chance to practice how you can bring the gifts from your Yoga into your everyday life activities, doing a cleaning meditation or a dishing mantra chant. To practice Seva – selfless serves is considered the highest yoga by many masters so please enjoy, have fun and let it be half an hour of grace in your day.

Activities for children

We would love for this to grow into an gathering for all ages, with lots of activities for children! So please let us know well in advance if you want to come with your children so we know that there will be enough children around to offer activities like, children yoga, face-painting, forest adventures, making stick-bread and other fun things. This would be helpful for parents who want to relax completely during the workshops, knowing that their children are in good hands.


Yogic diet to support your experience

We serve tasty ayurvedic vegetarian meals, prepared by chefs that put all their love into supporting your well-being. The yogic diet is sattvic — meaning that it is easily digested, simple and full of prana — life energy. We give up bread and cheese during the festival because it does not favour the practice of yoga.  Vegan and Glutenfree alternatives will also be available during mealtimes but please let us know in advance if this is something that you desire or if you have any other allergies.

Aquarian Sadhana with live music

To be the change, to build the power to radiate grace, this is it. To support “less of me into more of thee” we give 1/10th of our day to the higher grace and the rest will follow. With strong determination rice up early, take a cold shower and dress in white. Come in stillness to chant the song of the soul “Japji” before we let the energy flow with bodily love to end with heart opening mantra singing. 


Gong puja all night

As much as we love Kundaliniyoga we love the Gong. During the festival there will be lovely Gongbaths where you can just come to relax and let go. But for the true transformation of the soul we will offer a chance to let every cell vibrate in the song of “Ong”. This all night Gong puja will start with a Kriya that support your release into a deep sleep.


More information

  • The gathering will be from Friday to Monday since 1 May is a public holiday in Sweden.
  • The gathering will be in English / Swedish depending on the participants.
  • Please click Interested or Join on the FB-Event!
  • For questions about Kundalini Spirit Gathering, contact Martin or Ransher:
    Martin Siri Jodha:
    Tel: 070-730 82 32
    Ransher Kaur:
    Tel: 070-696 78 03
  • Contact us for information about food and lodging:

Welcome to Kundalini Spirit Gathering at Ängsbacka 2017!

28 april-1 maj 2017

Kundalini Spirit Gathering

~ Days of Sanghat ~

Är du en av de oräkneliga själar som känner dig attraherad av Kundaliniyoga? En av dessa själar som vill uppleva de sköna vibrationerna Kundaliniyogan skapar i dig, en effekt som varar, en inre harmoni och glädje, en möjlighet att leva livet i hälsa, glädje och i kontakt med dig själv.

Kom och finn glädjefull njutning i årets Kundalini Spirit Gathering!


För andra gången på Ängsbacka

Vi ses igen över Valborgshelgen efter 2016 års djupa, transformerande och mycket uppskattade retreat. Här finns möjlighet att komma i djupare kontakt med dig själv och andra i en autentisk och upplyftande samvaro. Det är en ren glädje att stiga upp i gryningen tillsammans för gemensam Aquarian Sadhana tillsammans med Anna och Joakim som bildar Satmander Yoga. Vi yogar och mediterar till Satmanders underbara live musik.

Under dagen har vi workshops där lärare som upplevt hur Kundaliniyogan transformerat deras liv, delar sin visdom och inspirerar dig att fullt ut bli du, hel och komplett hela vägen in nu och alltid, du är skaparen av ditt liv. Vikrampal Singh fick så härlig feedback förra året så han återkommer med glädje även denna gång! Vi ser fram emot en fulltids workshop där Vikrampal tar oss med på en resa, ”Crossing the hours of death”! Vi känner fullständig tillit till Kundaliniyogans otroliga magi och återigen kastar vi oss ut i en 2,5 timmes meditation som var så stark förra året! En utmaning som måste upplevas!

Men vår högsta intention är att komma tillsammans och skapa ett utrymme fyllt av kärlek, en möjlighet att möta dig själv i kärlek, att stråla ditt ljus från ditt hjärta. Du är så välkommen även om du aldrig provat Kundaliniyoga tidigare, det här kan vara en möjlighet till förändring på många plan i ditt liv! Ta med dig en vän, kom själv, gammal eller ung alla är välkomna här!

Workshopledare, lärare och musiker

Här är några av de glädjefulla själar som kommer dela med sig av sina gåvor till oss:

  • Vikrampal Singh
  • Ransher Kaur
  • Martin Siri Jodha
  • Pernilla Dalprem
  • Sadhana musiker är Albin Hammarback, Emma Sund, Hanna Wretmark & Lovisa Frantzich

Det tillkommer kanske någon mer lärare längs vägen men vår intention är att hålla detta till ett fokuserat program med en enhetlig riktning.

“Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one’s being, from bodily health to self realization. Yoga means union – the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day to day life and endows skill in the performance of one’s actions.”

B.K.S. Iyengar

Så här kan en dag se ut:

  • 05:00 Aquarien Sadhana med levande musik.
  • 08:00 En underbar hälsosam frukost med gröt, yoghurt, frukt och örtte mm.
  • 09:00 30 min Seva
  • 10:00 Gemensamt morgonmöte med tex guidad meditation.
  • 11:00 Kundaliniyoga Kriya. Vi yogar tillsammans.
  • 13:30 Lunch. Dagens huvudmål med vegetarisk, ekologisk mat.
  • 14:30 Sharing. Vi delar från hjärtat i mindre grupper. Ett tillfälle att bli lyssnad på och lyssna på andra i full uppmärksamhet.
  • 15:30 Workshop
  • 19:00 Middag. Ett lättare kvällsmål med soppa och goda sallader.
  • 20:30 Kundaliniyoga Kriya.
  • 22:00 Gongpuja. En hel natt där vi sover tillsammans i Gongens mjuka ljud och läkande vibrationer.

Som alltid i Kundaliniyoga så ska du ta hänsyn till din kropp och vart du är, du utför yogan i din takt långsamt eller mer energetiskt. Du kanske hoppar över en workshop och tar en promenad och integrerar din upplevelse. Ängsbackas vackra omgivningar, skog, sjö och fina promenadstråk är inbjudande, valet är ditt.

Seva – arbetsmeditation

Ängsbacka har under åren attraherat 1000-tals människor som vill växa, öka sin medvetenhet och leva i en närande gemenskap. Här finns oftast ett 30 tal volontärer året runt, en grupp anställda och över hundra personer som bor i Molkom med anknytning till Ängsbacka. Under din vistelse här kommer du möta många av dessa och också få möjlighet att delta i arbetet. Varje dag bjuds deltagarna in för att göra sin Seva, att meditativt städa, diska eller någon annan uppgift under 30 min. Ett fint sätt att tillsammans skapa och ta hand om platsen vi sistas på. Att osjälviskt ge från hjärtat för vår gemensamma trivsel.

Yogisk diet som stödjer din upplevelse.

Vi serverar smakrik, Ayervedisk vegetarisk mat, lagat av en kock med stor kärlek för maten för att stödja ditt välmående. Den yogiska dieten är sattvisk vilket stödjer din matsmältning. Maten är full av prana – livskraft. Vegan och glutenfria alternativ finns alltid. Har du andra allergier så ber vi att ni nämner det vid anmälan så vi kan serva dig.

Aquarien Sadhana med levande musik.

Den ger dig möjligheten att vara förändringen, att skina ditt ljus. Genom att vara ”mindre jag i ett större vi” bygger vi energin tillsammans! Vi ger 1/10 del av vår dag i gemensam yoga och meditation för att bygga energin som gör skillnad resten av dagen. Stig upp, massera din kropp med ljuvlig olja, ta en kalldusch (Ishnaan) och klä dig i vitt. Kom i stillhet vi läser tillsammans Jap Ji, dikter för själen, låter kroppen vakna i ett skönt yogapass för att sedan sjunga sju mantran för ”Vattumannens tidsålder” till levande musik. Öppnar våra hjärtan och gör oss redo för en ny dag.


Precis som vi älskar Kundaliniyoga älskar vi också Gongen. Under våra dagar bjuder vi på flera Gongavslappningar där du har möjlighet att bara landa på madrassen och släppa taget i djup avslappning. För att öppna upp för djupare läkning av ditt nervsystem kommer vi erbjuda en Gongpuja, en hel natts mjukt Gongspel. Vi förbereder oss tillsammans med en Kriya och bäddar sedan ner oss för att under 7 timmar marineras i drömlika toner och mjuka vibrationer. Varje cell i din kropp vibrerar i ”Ong”.

Mer information

  • Evenemanget kommer att vara från fredag till måndag eftersom 1 maj är en helgdag.
  • Evenemanget kommer att vara på svenska / engelska beroende på deltagarna / workshopledarna.
  • För frågor om Kundalini Spirit Gathering, kontakta Martin eller Ransher:
    Martin Siri Jodha:
    Tel: 070-730 82 32
    Ransher Kaur:
    Tel: 070-696 78 03
  • Kontakta oss för information om mat och boende:

Välkommen till Kundalini Spirit Gathering at Ängsbacka 2017!

Program Kundalini Spirit Gathering 2017


Check in  16.00-18.00
17:00-18:00 Relax with the Gong.
18.00-19.15 Dinner
19.30-21.00 Welcome Gathering Lets meet in the Sanghat


05.30-08:00 Aquarian Sadhana.
 08.30-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-10.45 Kundalini Gathering Live music & more  
11.00-13.00 Workshops  Kundaliniyoga kriya, meditation and Gongrelaxation.
 13.00-15.00 Lunch mat serveras 13.30-15.00
 15.00-16.45 Sharing
 16.00-19.00 Workshop ”Crossing the hour of death”
19.00-21:00 Dinner
21:00-22:00 Preparation for Gong Puja.
22.00-04.00 Gong Puja Gong Masters


05.30-08.00 Aquarian Sadhana
08.30-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-10.30 Kundalini Gathering.
 10.30-13.00 Miracle Mantra 2,5 timmar
13.30-15.00 Lunch
15.00-16.00 Sharing
16:00-17:30 Celebration Hangout Cafe
17:30-19.00 Workshop
19:00 Dinner.
21:00 Fire Cermony  (Healing sound fire cermony)  Valborgs eld 21:00


05.30-08.00 Aquarian Sadhana
08.30-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-12.00 Ending Cermony Closing.
12:00 Clean your room.
13.00 Lunch, hugs & Godbye

Vikrampal Singh

I was born on January 30, 1962. I came after the death of my brother, healing this pain in my family system has been a very important part of my way. I studied Business Administration and directed the family business until 30 April 2012. On 15 March 2009 I received a visit at home that pushed me to change my life, to reconnect with my gifts, to understand and accept my mission. From there I began a process of transformation, growth and opening of consciousness that has brought me here, where I have the opportunity to share the road with you.
Path: Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Karate Black Belt, 3rd DAN, Professor at the Pontifical University of Comillas, Kundalini Yoga Monitor , Sun Gazing (Solar Hira Ratan Manek according Yoga), Personal Development and Systemic Therapy, Threefold Social and Anthroposophy, Gong Master Training, Sound Therapist by Escuela de Edición Mental.


Ransher Kaur

Text will come soon!





Martin Siri Jodha

Already as a teenager Siri Jodha was reading spiritual books but it wasn’t until he came in contact with Vipassana Meditation the he found a personal practice that came to transform his life. In the years to follow he explored different teachings until he fell in love with Kundalini Yoga and decided to become a teacher to be able to spread the love and light.

Martin Siri Jodha is the CEO of Kajak & Fritid creating Spiritual Nature, Yoga and Gong experiences in Oxelösunds beautiful Archipelago.
Siri Jodha has a Masters Degree in Environmental Outdoor Education, besides being a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Gong Master.



Pernilla Dalprem

Pernilla Dalprems first meeting with the unique Gong vibrations was a deep spiritual experience. Her feeling after the relaxation was that ”everything was different”, a feeling of being new in this world… A deep experience of peace and calmness. Another place to act from. At that moment she decided to learn how to play that fantastic instrument. It was the start of a transformation process that came to change her entire life and her way of living it.

Pernilla Dalprem is also a Kundalini Yoga and mindfulness teacher as well as a Physiotherapeutic KBT, familytherapy and TA) and nurse.

“To trust my Intuition and the way that life unfolds itself, has become a blessing that guides me through my life.”



This is our wonderful sadhana musicians:

Albin Hammarback

I’m 34 years old and I’m studying to be a kundalini yoga teacher. I have been playing music for the most of my life and I’m enjoy it a lot.


Emma Sund 


Hanna Wretmark


Lovisa Frantzich


Practical Info

Kundalini Spirit Gathering
28 April-1 May 2017

Arrival & Departure

Friday 28 April

•    Check-in: 16.00-18.00
•    First workshop 17.00-18.00
•    Dinner: 18.30-19.30
•    Welcome Ceremony: 20.00

Monday 1 May

  • Closing Ceremony ends before lunch.
  • Lunch is served at 13.30


Ängsbacka offers simple accommodation in a homelike style. Please look under the tab Price & booking to see what accommodation is being offered during this course.

  • All of our accommodation alternatives have shared bathrooms.
  • The dorms consist of 12 – 20 bunk beds.
  • Please bring your own towel, bed sheets, pillow cover and duvet cover.
  • You can rent a set of sheets & a towel from us for 150 SEK per course.



The Food

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner are all included. We serve vegetarian food, mostly organic, locally produced and made with love. In connection with your reservation, you can order a vegan diet (this is also the alternative if you’re lactose intolerant), a Gluten-free diet and notify us about nut allergies. If possible, the chef will make adjustments for other allergies, please make the request when you book. Unfortunately, we can not, for practical reasons, accommodate any other food philosophies or diets.


Angsbacka lunch


Working Meditation

A beautiful way to integrate the course is to do working meditation with us on Ängsbacka. This is a praxis that is included in almost all our courses. As a participant, we invite you to join us in the community for 30 minutes per day and helping out with easy tasks such as cleaning or dishwashing. You will get an introduction to your task and then you do it the same time every day. Our volunteers are very grateful for your contribution and will also help you out. We do the working meditation together!



General Information

Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with workshop leaders from around the world. Please be aware that the main language of the courses, therefore, can be different, e.g. in English, Swedish or Norwegian.

It is good to bring good shoes for walking in the forest surrounding Ängsbacka and an extra towel for a visit to our sauna. You can also rent a special “Sauna” or “Sweat lodge” towel from us for 50 SEK per occasion.


Other information

In the nearby Molkom society, about 1,5 km away, there is an ATM where you can withdraw cash.

Our Café is a nice and cosy meeting place that is always open on Saturdays. Have a coffee or herbal tea along with new meetings and interesting conversations. You can also buy organic pastries, sandwiches and healthy drinks.


Ängsbacka cafe cakes


In the Ängsbacka Shop, we sell a variety of health products and organic body care, relaxing music, books, clothes, organic incense, unique jewellery, yoga accessories and more.


No Alcohol or Drugs

Please note that Ängsbacka is an Alcohol- and Drug-Free place. We don’t serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under influence of alcohol or other substances when you are at Ängsbacka.


Find your way here

It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by train and bus, or by car. Read more about how to find your way here.



We are partnering with carpooling service GoMore. Enter ‘Molkom’ as your destination.

Price & Booking

Kundalini Spirit Gathering
28 April-1 May 2017



Payment Methods

Tickets can be paid online by card or by bank transfer.

We encourage you to pay by bank transfer in order for us to avoid the transaction fees imposed on card payments.

If you have problems paying by card (for example due to limited allowance), please contact us for a manual payment link.

While booking you will get further instructions. After booking your ticket, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


1) Credit/Debit Card

Pay online using your card of choice.


2) Bank Transfer

From Sweden:
Deposit payment to Ängsbacka’s Bankgiro account 5038-7448

From abroad:
Swift address: NDEASESS
IBAN: SE63 9500 0099 6026 4418 5510

The address of the bank: Nordea, Smålandsgatan 17, 105 71 Stockholm
Account name: Ängsbacka Kursgård AB

Important! Please write what event you are paying for (and your name if you are paying through someone else’s account).


Booking Terms

If you use BANK TRANSFER, please pay on the same day as you book.


Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation latest one month before the event starts, the cancellation fee is 350 SEK per person. Children and youth (up to 18 years old) pay half this fee. Within one month and until the event starts, the fee is 15% of the total value of your booking. The maximum cancellation fee for one person/booking is 900 SEK.
Please note that when cancelling closer than two weeks before the event starts, a doctor’s confirmation of your inability to participate is required. Refunds will not be made if you cancel after the event has started.
If Ängsbacka would cancel the event, all payments will be refunded.

NOTE that it may take up to one month before you have the refunded amount on your account.



Communication policy

As part of our communication with our customers, we may keep in touch with you who have participated in our courses and festivals by mailing or emailing:
– thank you letters and evaluation surveys
– offerings to sign up for mailing lists in a similar area of interest
– information about similar future events or events with the same workshop leaders.

We also have a general monthly e-mail newsletter where we tell about what is going on at Ängsbacka, upcoming events etc. You can opt in and out of our newsletter at any time.



If you have questions regarding the booking, payment, cancellation, our communication policy etc, please contact us:
Phone: +46 55 31 00 35. (Monday to Friday 10.00 – 13.00)