Ängsbacka’s Volunteer Program

Volunteering – all year around

Without volunteers, there would be no Ängsbacka. During the, fall, winter and spring  Ängsbacka is home to a number of all-year-round staff members and residential volunteers who run and manage all operations on site, while there are courses and trainings here. During the festival summer, the volunteer program offers a daily structure based on spiritual practice, togetherness and working meditation and your unique contribution brings it to life!

Applications for Easter and for Summer festivals are now open – click here!



 Short and long term volunteering

Whether you come to Ängsbacka as a short term volunteer during our courses or festivals, or commit to a long term engagement, your contribution is a valuable part of the whole!

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What does it mean to be a volunteer?

At Ängsbacka we breathe life into our core values through morning meetings, sharings, meditations and working together for a common purpose in a drug- and  alcohol free environment.

Everyone who comes to Ängbacka for a shorter or a longer period of time will be introduced to our guidelines for living and working together and to the practice of sharing, another tool for taking care of ourselves and each other.

In loving service,

Ängsbacka Volunteer Coordinator