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26-29 October
Shamanic Sexual Wisdom
with Åsa Kullberg
Shamanic Sexual Wisdom is ceremonial process to reconnect, deepen and remember the sacredness and naturalness of who you are as a sexual, sensual human being. Read more!


7-12 November
The Zen Way of Coaching
with Kåre Landfald.
A profound personal journey, and a coach training with a unique inner focus.
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9-12 November
Tantra – Pleasure & Healing
with Lorenzo Stiernquist & Peter Stridsberg
A tantric workshop with possibility to focus on what you need to practice regarding sex and intimacy.
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27 November-6 December    NEW COURSE!
De-armouring Training
with Déan Matuka, Sanna Sanita & Susanne Roursgaard

In-depth journey into body de-armouring and a unique combination of training and workshop, designed to assist you in becoming a skillful and able practitioner. Read more!




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