No Mind Festival 2015

4 – 11 July

Welcome back to the No Mind Festival! Ängsbacka’s mother festival, the festival of all festivals.

Since 1997, the No Mind festival has happened yearly, with one exception of 2014 when the festival took a break. Now we are back – ready to start again, fresh, rested and newly inspired to create another fantastic, sparkling, joyous adventure on the path of awakening together.

The No Mind festival is, like the name implies, a festival which invites us to live outside of the confines of our mental constructions, ideas and concepts. The invitation is to explore and be connected to life beyond the mind. It’s not about making the mind our enemy, rather to nourish, nurture and enjoy our other aspects of being, that can be so much more juicy and creative.

The festival is all about coming alive to who and what we truly are, to live our potential as human beings and to gather, integrate, expand and celebrate as a group of love warriors in this amazing time of a collective awakening.

As we believe in the uniqueness of each individual and respect the different paths that we all walk upon, we want to invite as many different flavours as possible to this great happening.

The festival will include:

The festival area is situated in beautiful nature with forests surrounding us, a majestic garden and lakes nearby to swim on hot days. We offer tasty and nutritious vegetarian food 3 times a day and the café is filled with delicious desserts, snacks and sandwiches.

During the winter and spring, we are in the process of inviting a wide range of teachers, musicians and performance artists to come join us in our aim to serve you a delicious, tasty, nourishing and enlightening festival. The list of names will increase as we reach our final destination on 4 July.

Festival ticket prices and the preliminary workshop leader list will be up soon! Check back for updates.


Welcome to No Mind 2015!

What is no mind for you, and what supports you in living from that place? You are welcome to connect with us and share, perhaps you have any special wishes for an event, aspect or teacher? Contact us at nomind2015 (at) angsbacka.se