No Mind Festival 2016

9 – 16 July


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NO MIND 2015

We have explored it for thousands of years…now is the time for LIVING IT!

No Mind – Ängsbacka’s mother festival and Europe’s largest alternative festival, is back and invites us once again to deepen our connection to the source of our being and explore what it means to truly be alive and create magic in our lives.

The focus is to explore and be connected to life beyond the mind. What happens when we come alive from that space? It’s not about making the mind our enemy, rather to nourish and enjoy our other aspects of being, that can be so much more juicy and creative.

The 7-day festival is located in the heart of the Swedish countryside and offers a magnificent program of workshops, activities, ceremonies, concerts, parties, and more with around 50 dedicated teachers and musicians joining us this year. These vibrant happenings provide an inspiring container for you to explore your inner being as well as connecting with others in a way that is true for you in each moment.

Check out the festival program 2015!

Take a look at the festival program for the No Mind festival! We have an amazing assortment of workshops and experiences lined up for you. Click here to view the program or you can also download as a PDF.

The theme of this year’s festival

No Mind 2015 now invites all of us to take a deeper step into the art of being a conscious human being – LIVING IT.

What makes you come alive? What opens your heart? How can you live that which is most important for you in your life? What activates your greatest passions and allows you to express them? What connects you and motivates you at a deeper level? What brings you back “home”?

Wherever you are in life, we invite you to explore how you are living it in your own unique way. A chance to discover what is truly important for you and to share that gift with others.

We invite you to start the exploration already now. Take a few deep breaths, direct your attention inside and ask yourself:
“What is Living It for me?”

Feel free to share your experience and feedback with us, anonymously. Our intention is to share these testimonials at the festival so we can inspire each other and find ways to live and create together.

No matter what your practice has been so far, and where you are on your journey, you will find activities to support you to discover new ways of Living It, to deepen that which you already know and to connect with others that can reflect you in the essence of your being.

As we believe in the uniqueness of each individual and respect the different paths that we all walk upon, we want to invite as many different flavors as possible to this great happening.

Workshop leaders and musicians

Mooji - Satsang—The Direct Recognition of Truth (Online via Skype) * Arjuna Ardagh – Founder of Awakening Coaching * Mirabai Ceiba – Sacred Chant Concert * Deva Talasi – Heart Dance & Ceremonies * Paul Hurcomb – Satsang: Meetings in Stillness * Svagito - Family Constellation & Conscious Relating * Carrie Tree - Singer/Songwriter/Musician * Praful – Master Sax & Flute Player * Amy HoopLovin – Hula Hoop Dance * Kiara Windrider – Inka Cosmovision & Ilahinoor * Åsa Kullberg – Shamanic Ceremonies & Tantra * Kareem Raihani – Ecstatic Dance & Party Nights * Emma Leech – 5 Rhythms & Ritual Theatre * Gunnar Michanek – Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence * Bob Hansson – Bobshops about Meditation, Everyday Love & Writing

Javier Cura – ContacTango * Lin Holmquist – Tantra Trance Dance & Tantric Explorations * Humaniversity Sweden – Aum Meditation & Osho Meditations * Swami Videha - Sufi Zikhr & Whirling * Nukunu – Non-Dual Therapy & Satsang * Conny Andersson - The Art of Tracking * Smrati Skog - Pulsation-breathing & Feminine Tantra for couples * Kevin James – Chanting Circle * Anna Elheim – All Generations Coordinator * Kåre Landfald – The Zen Way of Coaching

….and many more on the workshop leader page!

The festival will include:

The list of teachers and musicians is being continuously updated so please check back for more updates!

Festival for the whole family

No Mind is for everyone! The festival offers a dedicated family program with fun things to do for children and teens who can participate without their parents; song, music, dance, creative activities, excursions in the forest, sports, games, yoga and more. The area around Ängsbacka is safe and lovely for kids to explore. Here you can enjoy a deeply nourishing holiday for body, soul and heart. More information about the children and youth program can be found here.

Family discounts are available! Parents receive the Early Bird price (4700 SEK) when at least 2 child/youth tickets are booked. Under-25 discount also available for ages 19-25. Learn more about all discounts at the price and booking page.

Delightful nature and hearty nourishment

The festival area is situated in abundant nature with surrounding forests, a majestic garden and lakes nearby to swim on hot days. We offer tasty and nutritious vegetarian food 3 times a day and the café is filled with delicious desserts, snacks and sandwiches as well as a large variety of raw food treats. And when you’re ready to wind down after a long day, take a steamy rest in our large wood-heated sauna.

The Healing Circle

Offers participants a variety of massage, energy work, healing and coaching from selected professional therapists. Here you can receive the individual attention and care that you need to enjoy even more presence or help you move forward in life. These services are booked on site and payed to the therapist. The coordinator and the session-givers for the Healing Circle will be announced as soon as they become available.

2-day tickets available!

You are welcome to purchase a 2-day ticket for Saturday 4 July until Monday 6 July. After lunch on the 6th, you can decide if you would like to continue for the rest of the festival or not. This ticket includes full access to the festival including all meals and camping accommodation in your own tent. This is a great way to get to know what Ängsbacka is like and introduce yourself to the surroundings, the people and the festival. More info on the price & booking page.

Whether it is your first time to Ängsbacka or your fifteenth, we invite you this summer for the journey of a lifetime. What lies beyond the mind? Come and let us find out together…

Welcome to No Mind 2015!

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Learn more about prices and booking 2015. Early Bird discount available until 28 February!