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Next years dates: 27 March – 2April 2018

Yoga & Dance
Easter Festival

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Yoga & Dance Easter is the first festival of the Ängsbacka season. It is an opportunity for us to welcome the Light and the change of the seasons together – in sacredness and ceremony. The festival offers a rich variety of yoga, dance, meditation, music and of course a lot of inspiring and nurturing workshops.

You are welcome whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, whether you dance every day or almost never. Welcome to try new and different things, or connect with old friends. Welcome to experience the magnificence of the awakening forest, to enjoy delicious vegetarian food, to move and be moved.

Welcome to open your heart to the energies of the spring – in loving awareness, togetherness and community. 

Theme for the festival 2017

Gratitude – pay it forward

How do we pray?

Do we?

And when we do, how often do we do it in order to ask for something?

How often do we call on some higher power to help us with this and that, to protect us and our loved ones, to give us strength and wisdom so we can make better choices in life?

And how often do we pray to thank for all the things that are already given to us, or those that are yet to come into our lives, for better or for worse?

This Easter you are invited to a Ceremony of Gratitude, to create a space in which the resonance of thankfulness is the very fabric holding our shared experiences together. Where we consciously choose to not ask for things, but to offer what we already have. Not to post demands, but to celebrate the abundance that is available to us, waiting to be manifested. Where we start on the premise that we are good enough, that we already have everything we can possibly need to be “happy”.


In this container everything that happens is part of Ceremony, and as that, is Sacred and serves a bigger purpose. You are invited to explore the possibility that Your Life Is Your Dream and it is part of the Collective Dream. And whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it not only for yourself but for a greater whole. When you are in a challenging Yoga pose, you can take another breath and go deeper. The energy you gain, that extra little effort you make, you can regard as a gift of the moment, not your own personal achievement but a “surplus” that you can Give Away to the benefit of all. When you dance, pumping your feet to the floor in ecstatic joy, you can investigate a new possibility – how about sending this joy off to the Cosmic Bank Account, to tip it more towards the positive?

“Paying it Forward” means to exercise acts of kindness towards each other, without wanting anything in return. So that the person we are being kind to, or offer our help to, may also offer their kindness to someone else.”


In Native American traditions, they give thanks before their needs are met. This is how they show their trust in the process, dropping any doubt, becoming childlike again.

Welcome to explore with us, exactly as you are.
Welcome to bring all your feelings, thoughts, infinity
and limitations, to be embraced in Community.
Welcome to dance, to laugh or cry, to Be.

Workshop leaders & Musicians 2017


~ Yoga ~ Dance ~ Easter ~

 ~ The Easter Journey ~

Our Easter journey starts on Thursday with Check-In (from 15:00), Welcome Workshops (from 17:00) and dinner (18:30). In the Welcome Ceremony (20:00) we meet each other, the musicians and workshop leaders, share some practical information and find our Sharing Group.

This year we will open the space of Ceremony with Sacred Cacao and Trance Dance.

Every day, we gather in the morning to set the intention for the day, to hear about the day’s workshops, and to PLAY and enjoy each other’s fabulous company!

On Saturday after the Morning Meeting, we will enter silence for the day, making space for reflection and to find our own prayers in what we are grateful for, and what we feel is our gift to the world.

On Easter Sunday we all participate in a Gratitude Ceremony together. We will have the whole day to celebrate, to be amazed by all the beauty that is available to us.

On Easter Monday we gather again to share with each other the flowers and fruits of our time together.


 ~ A day may look like this  ~


Photo Gallery

Would you like to see what the Yoga&Dance Easter in Sweden looks like? Click here!

Healing Circle

The Healing Circle offers personal sessions for bodywork, energy healing, massage, counseling and other forms of therapies/modalities. Information about the sessions will be available during the festival.

Curious what an Easter Festival actually looks like?

See pictures from previous festivals!


Hajni Makk 1 Circle


Hajnalka Makk

Program Coordinator for Yoga & Dans Easter 2017
E-mail: easterfestival (at) angsbacka.se

Workshop Leaders & Musicians 2017


We are pleased to present the workshop leaders and musicians who will share their gifts during the festival. The list will be updated and replenished, and there may also be changes in the program, so remember to check back for updates. Please click the arrow under the names for more info!

Workshop Leaders


Jenny Viktorsson

Bhakti Flow, Yin Yoga, Slow Flow


Jenny's way into yoga had a lot to do with her longing to be connected more deeply, a connection she had a glimpse at while dancing many years back. She took her first yoga class in Spain where she used to live and since then it has been an incredible journey, guiding her to different styles of yoga and amazing teachers around the world and brought her back to her self, to joy, to love and to the great path of yoga.

Jenny has taken different teacher trainings in Sweden, Bali and India like Hatha with Daniel Strausser who has been a great inspiration for many years, Vinyasa flow, Elemental Yoga Therapy, Mediyoga, Pregnancy yoga, Anusara inspired by Anja Bergh, Sama Yoga with Sky who guided her to a whole deeper practice of yoga and Bhakti.

Something that started as a way back to her self became what she does full-time today, teaching yoga and being the Co-owner of Yoga Kendra Studio in Malmö.

Pedro Franco

Premananda Yoga - Non Dual Yoga


Pedro Franco, Premananda, founder of "Premananda Yoga School".
Yogi, Physical Education Professional Physiotherapist, with specialization in NeuroPhysiology.
Pedro has practiced Martial Arts for 22 years. His Yoga journey started in 1992 and since then he has practiced, studied and was certified by Teachers and Masters from various lineages and traditions around the world, integrating the most effective and functional tools of Consciousness Awakening and Embodiment, developening his own method of Non Dual Yoga, "Premananda Yoga".
Pedro also carries certifications in Pilates, technical skills for rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness. He has developed a practice that blends effective tools with a broad holistic perspective, and has a teaching style that adapts to all levels for the maximum development of students' inherent abilities.

Your website (shown on website): premanandayoga.org
Grant Sparkle

Yoga Bomb, Men's Yoga


Grant Sparkle is a 33 year old New Zealander currently living and working as a Yoga Teacher in Stockholm. His diverse teaching style comes from over 16 years experience on the mat, across multiple yoga traditions spanning from all over the world.

He has spent considerable time studying and living in India in traditional ashram environments and has always found a home in Yoga - wherever he was. This gives his classes a distinctive style and flavour unique only to him.

Grant believes yoga cannot be taught, but guided. And through this process of discovering our bodies, we can lay the foundation for conquering the mind, for "control of the mind, is the highest yoga'"... Swami Sivananda

Little Temple Stockholm - Facebook group: <a target="_blank" href=" http://www.facebook.com/groups/1307226902671166/" ;>www.facebook.com/groups/1307226902671166/< ;/a>

Lilavati Lutz

Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Women's Yoga


Lila is devoted to teach Kundalini Yoga so it connects the love and compassion from the heart and the light that we are, with the root energy of the body and Mother Earth. She seeks to work with yoga in order to integrate the light of the soul with a grounding energy, so it can be integrated into daily life and into creativity.

Lila teaches from a soft heart space to allow everyone to connect deeply with the inner love and the lover within. Through the exercises in her yogaclass you will release toxins, tensions and old mind structures to open up for the life energy to stream with a greater flow. Activating the neutral mind of gratitude and peace and feeling a deeper love and connection with your body, mind and soul. Holding and loving what is in every moment.

The yoga is dynamic with conscious breathing to lift the soul and open up to bigger life source. Lila is educated Kundalini Yoga Teacher from KRI and a Reiki Master Healer.

Martin Siri Jodha

Aquarian Sadhana, Gong Bath


Already as a teenager Siri Jodha was reading spiritual books but it wasn’t until he came in contact with Vipassana Meditation that he found a personal practice that came to transform his life. In the years to follow he explored different teachings until he fell in love with Kundalini Yoga and decided to become a teacher to be able to spread the love and light.

Martin Siri Jodha is the CEO of Kajak och Fritid creating Spiritual Nature, Yoga and Gong experiences in Oxelösunds beautiful Archipelago.

Siri Jodha has a Masters Degree in Environmental Outdoor Education, besides being a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gong Master &amp;amp; creator of Kundalini Spirit Gathering at Ängsbacka.

Your website (shown on website): www.kajakochfritid.se
Pernilla Dalprem Tykosson

Aquarian Sadhana, Gong Bath


Pernilla Dalprem&#039;s first meeting with the unique Gong vibrations was a deep spiritual experience. Her feeling after the relaxation was that &quot;everything was different&quot;, a feeling of being new in this world. A deep experience of peace and calmness. Another place to act from. At that moment she decided to learn how to play that fantastic instrument. It was the start of a transformational process that came to change her entire life and her way of living it.

Pernilla Dalprem is also a Kundalini Yoga and mindfulness teacher as well as a Physiotherapeutic KBT, Family Therapist and TA and a nurse.

&quot;To listen and trust to my inner voice and the way that life unfolds itself, has become a blessing that guides me through my life.&quot;

Your website (shown on website): www.kajakochfrid.se
Lisa Josefsson

African Roots & Traditional Mozambican Dance


Lisa Josefsson, dance teacher and performer, believes that dancing is that moment when there is nothing else but your body, the rhythm and the dancers around you.

Dancing in its original form is an expression of an emotion rather than something created for the stage. Lisa works with different dance forms such as traditional African dances, Blues and Swing, where dancing is a shortcut to feeling free. Mozambican traditional dances, which Lisa is specialized in, are often related to traditional ceremonies where the drum rhythms and the powerful movement lead to a deep spiritual presence with oneself and with fellow dancers. You can be sad, happy or excited, but be prepared this might change along the way...

Lisa feels grateful to her dance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing in Mozambique who are always present through her when she dances. During the festival Lisa will teach with Celso Paco, performer and musician from Mozambique.

Your website (shown on website): www.lisajosefsson.com
Celso Paco

African Roots & Traditional Mozambican Dance


By the sounds of folk music instruments such as mbira, timbila, drums and many others, as well as storytelling, Celso gets the audience to join him on a trip to Africa&#039;s hot savanna without leaving the room.

Celso was born in Maputo, Mozambique. He grew up in an old fashioned tradition and started interpreting traditional music &amp;amp; dance from his roots&#039; native land since childhood.

As a workshop leader in traditional music from Mozambique as well as a stotyterller Celso visited schools, kindergartens, libraries and culture centers in many countries such as England, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Australia, Finland, USA and Sweden, where he is currently residing having attended a teacher training program in percussion at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Department of Folk Music.

Your website (shown on website): www.celsopaco.com
Luna Lala Sixtensdotter

Movement Alchemy


Luna is an experienced workshop leader and a popular source of inspiration. She is the founder of the Dance Practice Movement Alchemy and runs the dance association DanceHappenings.

Luna has been sharing her gifts in workshops and ongoing projects both in Sweden and abroad. Her passions is to inspire people to health, trough movement in different aspects. Her passion for the body&#039;s intelligence and the healing trough movement inspires her in her day-to-day work.

Movement Alchemy is a Transformative Dynamic Dance Meditation that includes Shaking Medicine.

\\\\\\\&quot;Inspired by traditions from all over the planet through galaxies and other nervous systems . \\\\\\\&quot;

Alva Alvita

Shamanic Trance Dance, Womb Awakening, Dance of Sensual Awakening


Alva had her first awakening moment at age 21 when she travelled back to the Womb of Source. This was the shifting point. The Re-Birth. From that moment she dedicated herself to study Shamanism. She lived in the Amazon Jungle. Became a mother. She apprentices on the Shamanic Path, Twisted Hairs since 2007. Walking the Path of the Rainbow Warrior.

In 2012 she founded &quot;Shamanic Heart Movement&quot; together with her sister Hajni, a dance therapy fusion with elements from Biodanza Heart In Motion, Tantra, Shamanism, Authentic Movement and more.

She is now doing a 3 year Womb Awakening Teacher Training, diving into the Womb Mysteries, Feminine Awakening and Sacred Sexuality. She holds women´s retreats in Scandinavia and is program coordinator of Sacred Womb Womens&#039; Festival.

With a warm open heart and fierce dedication to healing and awakening she welcomes you into a discovery of Self.

Gaja Beukers

Trance Dance Gong Bath, Fountain of You(th)


Gaja is an experienced and skilled raw food chef / detox coach / vitality consultant with an holistic approach. Through her background experience with different Native American ceremonies like sweat-lodges, Shamanic Trance Dances and as firekeeper, she holds space for the authentic truth that is longing to be rediscovered, the core is about learning to listen to the body.

Her strength is to support anyone in creating a trusting food-body relationship. With her holistic approach she utilizes the wisdom of different tools, for example therapeutic essential oils that have great potential for healing on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Women&#039;s health especially has her attention since we are in a profound time of transformation where we as women are called to reconnect to the earth as much as we are called to reconnect to our womb&#039;s intuitive system and to the digestive system. Recognizing our essence, our root, we have access to infinite creative potential.

Your website (shown on website): holisticmamma.net
Vigyan Buhr

Sweat Lodge, Dream Weaver Ceremony


Sw Anand Vigyan Buhr

In 1981 Vigyan went to se Bhagawan (later called Osho) in Pune India, that is where he got his name and since then his life has been guided by a rebellious spirit taking him to many teachers and many places.

He poured water inside the sweat lodge for the first time more than 25 years ago and over the years he has been facilitating workshops like men’s groups, Vipassana, drum building, and different forms of therapy from the world of Osho. His passion now is the connection to Earth and spirit and he facilitates the Dream Weaver ceremony and other rituals.

To come back this year to Ängsbacka feels really sweet since that is the place Dream Weaver was born!

Your website (shown on website): www.earthdancer.se
Ben Bushill

Living Movement, Die before you die.


Ben is a mystic poet using words and vibration to reach for the simple and miraculous truth of our existence. Poetry to help us remember who, what and where we are.

Spoken word combined with live music is woven together to create a tapestry of sound and meaning calling to the longing and the fulfillment within us all. He is the author of two books of prayer and poetry and creator of the recorded work \&#039;Seeds of Wild Love&#039;\.

Linnea Eriksson

Dance Floor, Circle Song


Linnea is a DJ, composer and musician with a deep fascination and love for sounds. She is passionate about sharing music and creating spaces that open up for awareness and freedom through dancing, listening and singing.

Linnea&#039;s DJ sets offer an eclectic collection of music that covers many different genres. She blends rhythms and melodies from all parts of the world. Music and dancing has always been a natural part of her life. Ecstatic Dance is very close to her heart and she is continually amazed by its potential for transformation and healing.

Magnus Vikström

The Kalahari Dance


Magnus is a program coordinator for the No Mind Festival. He arranges courses and holds workshops in improvised movement, process and presence. He&#039;s a certified dynamic psychologist. And a dad.

A passion of Magnus&#039; is to co-create spaces where people are embraced in getting real, expressing their powerful light and hidden shadows. He also loves when people unite and experience a sense of oneness.

Anu Azrael

Family Constellation, Systemic Ritual


Anu has been doing this work for 10 years now.
Sometimes poetry expresses better than a list of trainings.

These roots made of mountains and stardust,
Given as the greatest gift of life,
I was once blind to.
Which brought me great suffering and strife,
Since I realized my feet again,
The earth beneath me and my branches have so welcomed the rains,
I have awoken to myself again, remembering the pain, remembering the light.
I am the mountains, I am ancient times,
I am the river running from the summit,
I am the stars shining down upon myself,
Me, myself and I, staring back at one another across earth and sky, smiling,
I am above,
I am below,
I am here, deep soul throng of the cello, Playing the tides,
Playing beauty moving, winding, spinning, spiralling, slowly sparking light,
We are first flame of sacred fire,
These roots made of mountains and stardust,
This breath is flame,
This breath is life?

Your website (shown on website): www.anuazrael.com
Blake Steele

Higher Potential Satsang, The Deep Embrace & Forest Walk


Blake Steele has 50 years of experience in the spiritual journey, and 25 years in working with the union of sex and spirit in Love. He is an author of 14 books; a poet with over 3,400 poems; a recording artist with 20 CD&#039;s; and an international spiritual teacher and guide. Safety, integrity, mystery and beauty mark his wise and free-spirited work.

Your website (shown on website): http://www.blakesteele.com/
Cristina Esendia

Massage workshop


Cristina is fully dedicated to embody the fullness of being, following her own path of heart and liberation of the soul. She sees every moment of life as an opportunity of growth and expansion of the soul. She feels the strong call to inspire, guide and co-empower others to expand into their true being and learn to enjoy life exactly as it is. In giving we rise, in recieving we expand!

Cristina is apprentice on the shamanic path Sweet Medicine Sun Dance, a spiritual and esoteric wisdom path, leading the spiritual warrior into beauty, knowledge, freedom and enlightenment. She is also exploring the tantric path, which for her means to allow life to fully touch our heart and rise into a natural authentic response that is for the benefit of all. Her own unique way of being in service is to support people to realise the fullness of being by conscious touch, healing and workshops. She is also guiding healing journeys to John of God in Brazil and next journey will be in April 2017.

Your website (shown on website): www.johnofgodresor.se
Olle Kvarnbäck

A Forest Experience


As soon as the sun shines, Olle wants to be in nature. Feeling the warmth on the skin, hearing the birds sing, smelling the moss, enjoying the beauty. A nature-lover from an early age Olle is trained as a biologist and works with nature conservation, monitoring birds and butterflies and guiding in nature. He is also a zen coach, mindfulness instructor and a spiritual seeker at heart who is drawn to the mystery of life where every experience is new, fresh and opening doors to the unknown.

Your website (shown on website): www.naturvisaren.se
Lamhita Marita Jacobson

Trauma-healing: Soft and easy ways to get out of trauma and heal our wounds


Lamhita is the creator of Body Intelligence, Become the Star you already are and Body Love (together with Ransher Kaur). Her workshops have been a success at Ängsbacka&#039;s various festivals. She is appreciated for her sharp intuition, delicate sensitivity and appealing sense of humour as she guides participants through the transformation of old patterns and blockages in Body &amp;amp; Soul, aided by her many different skills and Trauma-healing, to reach their true potential. A Soul Midwife…
Cert. Fysical Therapist; Specialist in Psychosomatic &amp;amp; Body Intelligence. SE Somatic Experiencing (Traumahealing-Phd Peter Levine) Arts/Theater/Performance, Human Resources. Trainings in: Leadership- Communication &amp;amp; Consulting, Zen Coaching, Massage and Inner Child Work /Krish and Amana) Kundalini Yoga teacher (Golden Bridge, LA).
Innovator, Entrepreneur and has more than 15 years experience in personal development and working with people.

Your website (shown on website): www.becomethestar.se
Milou Ananda

Morning Yoga


Milou has her background in Yoga, Psychology and Spirituality. Her own yoga practice started as a 12 year old girl, doing Asanas together with her mother. Today, she has teacher training in Asthanga Yoga from Sweden and India. She has a BA in Neuropsychology from Karolinska Institute and studied both Medical yoga and Mindfulness in a clinical western format. She has been living in India for 2 years, studying Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation as well as an assistant and teaching herself. She is deeply fascinated with the body as a vehicle for the universal spirit - using tools like breath, sound and alignment to get in contact with our deeper nature of Stillness and infinite potential. In her profession she is both teaching classes and gives private therapeutic sessions in Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and Tantra.

Your website (shown on website): www.yogatherapy.se
Gustav Gårdlund

Silent Sitting with partly Guided Meditation.
Floating Tank.


Gustav Gårdlund has meditated for many years.

Meditation is his biggest interest and his way to choose joy and balance in life.
&quot;In silence I get in contact with what I am and what I want and from that consciousness I make my choices&quot;, he says.

Gustav has been living and working at Ängsbacka for 4 years. Leading Meditation retreats and facilitating other courses too. His will is to live in peace within and without demands and resistance to life.

His guiding words are Acceptance – Trust – Patience – Selflove.

Guided Meditation in Silent Sitting is a great way to re-connect with your great truth and witness your pure nature of joyful happiness, beyond reasons and concepts. Be free from suffering! Use this &quot;tool&quot; in all situations in life and see the great change take place. Welcome Home!

 More profiles are added regularly, please check back later for a more complete list.



Barsana (Formerly known as Goloka)

A journey to outer and inner space trough electronic music and mantras. A dance with the spirits, and an exploration of love.


They are back! The cosmic duo you previously knew as Goloka, have reappeared, in new shapes and forms and with a new name. The sounds are new, but they love you as much!

The music of Barsana is a mix of ambient, folk music, mantras, electro, trance, opera and unlimited world music, performed in a very magical, mystical, ecstatic way. Taking you to realms beyond joy, celebration, devotion and divine LOVE!

They are using both electronic and acoustic instruments and are here to awaken the spirit and world peace in all beings and to integrate heaven on earth! This has to be experienced live! It&#039;s just to surrender into the flow of life and join this golden ocean of love! Welcome sisters and brothers!

Ready steady GO!

Sara Broman



A Stockholm native, Sara Broman spent the majority of her early life in Sweden, while spending the past 15 years travelling and exploring the world and herself.

Sara has been singing and creating art pretty much her whole life and she draws inspiration for her songs from her life experiences, travels, relationships (and sometimes relation-shits :P).

Sara graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, in March 2012 with an Associates of Arts Degree in Vocal Performance, rated as one of the top performers in her graduating class. She also completed a 6 month Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training while living in Los Angeles. In 2015 she moved to England to complete her BA in Songwriting, but decided to come back in 2016 to her native Sweden to focus on what she really loves to do - being on stage singing and sharing her storytelling in song form.

Her debut EP &quot;Seasons of me&quot; is available on iTunes and she will be recording a new EP in the spring of 2017 in Stockholm.

Your website (shown on website): http://www.sarabroman.com/
MYHR (Pierre Corradini, Uma, Olle Molander)



With their profund lyrics and atmospheric sound MYHR who just got back to Sweden from touring India are looking forward to share their new music with the tribe at Ängsbacka.

Your website (shown on website): https://soundcloud.com/myhr-sweden
Magnus Vikström

Musician, Guitar & Vocals


In the Stockholm pop music scene of the late 90’s and early 00’s, Magnus sang, played and wrote songs in the band Granada. Later, the No Mind festival blew his mind and opened his heart. This led him to being a Houseband musician and workshop leader in a number of Ängsbacka festivals. He loves when music goes beyond a performer-audience division, into a unifying field of singing, moving, feeling and understanding.

Magnus is a program coordinator for the No Mind Festival. He arranges courses and holds workshops in movement, process and presence. He&#039;s a certified dynamic psychotherapist. His passion is to cocreate spaces where people are embraced when expressing their powerful light and hidden shadows.

Jakub Capka (bijjoo)

North Indian classical music


Born in Prague November 16, 78. Actively playing music for over 20 years. Over the last 8 years of playing and studying Indian classical music and playing the sitar under the guidance of the master Roop Verma. Also studying Nada yoga, the principles used when playing the sitar. Enjoys traveling and playing with musicians around the world .. He has two children who are very talented music students.

Celso Paco

Mozambican Traditional Rhythm and Song


Celso was born in Maputo, Mozambique. He grew up in an old fashioned tradition and started interpreting traditional music &amp;amp; dance from his roots&#039; native land since childhood.
As a workshop leader in traditional music from Mozambique as well as a storyteller, lead singer and percussionist Celso visited schools, kindergardens, libraries and culture centers in many countries such as England, Zimbabwe, Angola, Portugal, Australia, Finland, USA and Sweden where he is currently residing. He attended a teacher training program in percussion at the Zimbabwe College of Music in Harare - departement of ethnomusicology, and at Royal College of Music in Stockholm - department of folk music.

Your website (shown on website): www.celsopaco.com
Ben Bushill

Poetry & Spoken Word, Living Movement Qi Gong, Die before you die


Ben is a mystic poet using words and vibration to reach for the simple and miraculous truth of our existence. Poetry to help us remember who, what and where we are.

Spoken word combined with live music is woven together to create a tapestry of sound and meaning calling to the longing and the fulfillment within us all. He is the author of two books of prayer and poetry and creator of the recorded work \&#039;Seeds of Wild Love&#039;\.

Frej Martin Nielsen



My name is Frej Martin, I&#039;m 33 and from Denmark. I played music my whole life and I enjoy many instruments as well as my voice. I love when music is for everyone to participate in, and as such I have a very soft spot for singing circles and mantras. To me, it matters less how it sounds and more how it feels.
I&#039;m also a world traveler and wanderer, and I collect adventures in my heart and soul.

Your website (shown on website): https://soundcloud.com/whirlingsuns

 More profiles are added regularly, please check back later for a more complete list.

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  • In the Ängsbacka Shop you will find health products and organic body care, relaxing music, books, different clothes, organic incense, unique jewelry, yoga mats and more.



Other information

  • Money. For cash withdrawals, there is a vending machine (ATM) at the grocery store in Molkom community about 1.5 miles from Ängsbacka.
  • Walking. A good idea is to bring coarser walking shoes for trails around Ängsbacka and comfortable indoor shoes/slippers.
  • Bottle/cup. Don´t forget a water bottle and maybe a take away mug for coffee and tea.
  • Sauna. We have a large sauna where you have the possibility to relax in the company of new and old friends – an extra towel is a good idea to bring for that.


No Alcohol or Drugs


Please note that Ängsbacka is a Alcohol and Drug Free place. We dont serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under influence of alcohol or other subtstances when you are at Ängsbacka.


Find your way here


It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by car, bus or train. Read more about
how to find your way here.




We are partnering with carpooling service GoMore. Enter ‘Molkom’ as your destination.

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