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25-28 May 2017

Sacred Womb
Women’s Festival

~ A festival for all that is us ~

A space for all women to come together and share, no matter your age, origin, profession, country, religion, status  or belief system. To come together, nurture and empower our feminine heart, body, mind, spirit and sexual self.



“The idea of a festival for women was born years ago in both of our hearts. When we started working together on other projects, we shared this dream and vowed that we would make it happen one day.

And now it has come to us that it is time to stop playing small. It is time to accept that all that we can possibly be is already within us. It’s time to bring our gifts into the world and Women’s Circles back to our everyday lives.”

-Hajni & Alva, Initiators of Sacred Womb

Sacred Womb

We hope to create a space where all women can feel welcome, seen and heard, and where we can go deep and inspire each other to radical self-acceptance. All are welcome, the shy, wild, scared, introvert, extrovert Queens, Mothers and Sisters.

In many ways a woman functions in a different way than a man. When we gain understanding about these differences and find ways to honour our natural cycles as women, we can be more whole, relaxed, healthy and radiant beings. Understanding what it means to be a woman and tapping into the endless possibility of our Sacred Womb, we can birth ourselves, our lives and our projects in a sacred manner.

Sacred Womb is a space of creation, dreaming and birthing. In Year One – Birthing – we focus on how we can birth ourselves as authentic, empowered women. How we can bring our gifts into this world with beauty and soft strength. How we can dance and balance the expectations and challenges of life and still honour our natural cycles.


“If you educate a man, you educate an individual.
But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”
African Proverb


A festival for all that is us

We will invite inspiring, wise, powerful, curious and creative women from many different walks of life, to create a platform of learning where we can receive and gain knowledge, feel and grow as women and sisters. Where we can grow the Feminine Way. All the teachers will be presented under the tab Workshop Leaders.



The Festival is held within the container of Sacred Alchemical Ceremony, including all 5 aspects of the human being:

Heart: How to nurture our hearts. Self love. Bringing balance into our emotions by allowing the flow of authentic expression. Awakening confidence and self acceptance.  

Body: Dance, healing food, Yoga, body image. Childbirth, motherhood, sacred womb rituals and blood mysteries.

Mind: Cultivating a healthy mind, success and manifestation.

Spirit: Rituals, sweat lodge, grandmothering and sisterhood circles. Healing work and meditations.

Sexuality: Sexual mysteries: yoni puja, sacred union teachings. How to fully own our sexuality, feel awake  and juicy in our body.

The festival offers sacred and safe space for women to come together in sisterhood, to see and hear each other as equals and to open a field where anything can be shared in acceptance and honesty. It is a space where we can relax in trust, learn and explore new skills and ways of being a woman in this world at this time, to facilitate the potential healing of deep ancient wounds within the individual and the collective psyche.

When we come into our true authentic power, our soft strength, and into balance with our natural cycles as women, we will birth a new world. We will birth ourselves.


More information

  • The festival will be in English.
  • For questions about Sacred Womb Festival, contact Hajni & Alva at:
    Hajni: +46 733 32 50 18
    Alva: +47 461 68 966
  • Contact us for information about food and lodging:

Warmly welcome to Sacred Womb Festival at Ängsbacka in May!

-Hajni & Alva – Initiators & Program Coordinators for Sacred Womb – Women’s Festival

Workshop Leaders

Here we will present all the workshop leaders. The list is not complete yet!

Fountain of Life
Azra & Seren Bertrand (US)

Sacred Union & Womb Awakening


Dr Azra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand are evolutionary enchanters and guides, dedicated to helping women awaken their Womb Power and to assisting the rebirth of the masculine into his true gifts, uniting them in Sacred Union. They facilitate international retreats and online Apprenticeships on Womb Awakening, Sacred Union and the embodied Feminine Healing Arts for both men and women.


Gabriella Barrios (NOR)

Our Beautiful Shadow – Unconditionally loving all that we are


Gabriela is a healer initiated Temple Mystery School Work which revives ancient teachings from Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. Being born in Mexico from Guatemalan mother, she incorporates Mayan, toltec and Aztec teachings into her work. Their teachings are channeled.

I personally participated in initiations with Gaby and received several healings from her which have all been tremendously clear and to the point, giving me much to learn and reflect on. Gaby has a razor sharp ability to find core issues, which she translates in direct and metaphorical language. Gaby is a natural talent, a healer with highly developed intuitive abilities and integrity, who is well qualified to guide and teach anyone wishing to develop healing skills” – Catherine Hewitt, Pleiadian Lightwork Practitioner

Estera Saraswati (PL)

Yoni Puja; Sacred Womb & Liquid Body Activation; New Birth


Estera Saraswati is a Tantra teacher rooted in a wisdom of traditional Tibetan Tantra. She is also a skillful temple art priestess and shaman, ISTA Faculty. Being a vessel for Dakini Wisdom, she is a healing space for reconciliation of Eve and Lilith that brings oneness to patriarchal split between mother and lover, spirituality and sexuality. She is a cutting edge visionary-woman and natural birth advocate.

Mahima Lindroth (SE)

Womb Yoga & Sacred Sound Healing


Mahima is one of three main leaders on “The Way of the Priestess” a leadership training that Sofiasamfundet facilitates where the Goddess Yoga has a central part. It is a yoga form that opens the female body to more freedom, flow and power. Mahima started with yoga and leading groups already in 1995. She sees these years like a long education in dealing with energies in the moment and to learn to trust the ability to lead groups in the moment. Yoga is a great help on her path and she love to share it.

Mahimas wish and intention with her music is to bring the listeners into their inner world. To remind them about love, simplicity and the importance of following the inner voice. The same wish is there when she guides yoga – that we through yoga empower the trust towards our inner leader and embrace more love in our temple.

Lamhita Jacobson (SE)

Body Love & Trauma Healing


Lamhita is the creator of the workshops Body Intelligence & Become The Star You Already Are, a success at Ängsbackas various festivals. She is appreciated for her sharp intuition, delicate sensitivity and humor as she guides participants to transformation and healing of old patterns and blockages in Body & Soul; to be more themselves and their true potential.


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Sacred Womb – Womens Festival
25-28 May 2017

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Thursday 25 May

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Sunday 28 May

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Sacred Womb – Womens Festival
25-28 May 2017