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9-6 juli

No Mind Festival 2016

Bridging worlds

“Step out on the bridge between them and us
and between you and me
connect your inner and outer worlds
and join the human with the divine.”




View the festival program for 2016 HERE!

As Ängsbacka celebrates 20 years, No Mind is a sparkling mix of new and familiar faces guiding us into dance, music, meditation, creativity, intimacy, heart-opening encounters as well as wisdom teachings and shamanism. We want to create an intimate feeling, even if this is one of the big alternative festivals in Europe. The theme this year is “Bridging Worlds” and to us it means a lot. Like opening up for new meetings, reaching out a hand to someone, grabbing another one. Being brave – and then we may have to experience fear. Facing the resistance in ourselves and in our bodies. Opening up to another being is vulnerable and might make us shiver. We take the first step and that first step is all there is. It takes us onto the bridge. Here I am, will you meet me when I reach out? Bridging Worlds to us is also about opening up for and sharing new perspectives, merging different experiences and bringing to our daily life what we most love from the festival, so that we can enjoy every day to the fullest.


To us this theme is magical. What does Bridging Worlds mean to you?

So, we welcome you to a magical week with over 60 workshop leaders and musicians offering exciting and transforming journeys within and without. There will be workshops, ceremonies, concerts, parties and a great program for children and teens! We open worlds where everything within us is welcome and supported, while also being part of the big festival community which we expand into during this week. The No Mind Festival is a heartful space for meeting old friends and finding new ones. A week at The No Mind Festival can open up for unknown possibilities in our lives, providing keys to how we really want to live, feel and be. The No Mind adventure can be transformational beyond imagination and give us a taste of how joyful, passionate and powerful life can be. The No Mind Festival is a powerful container where magic and transformation can happen. There is something here for everyone. Welcome with your family, with friends or just come on your own. This is truly a place where you can relax just as you are, feel at home with yourselves and in togetherness.

A rich festival program for all the senses

As we believe in the uniqueness of each individual and respect the different paths that we all walk upon, we want to invite as many different flavors as possible to this great happening.

The festival is also a possibility to face our fears and transcend them into awareness and love. We invite our shadow sides to be shown to us and embraced by us, as we see it as an important part of being authentic and whole as humans. Then we can take responsibility for what we feel and need instead of expecting the outer world to take care of it.


Workshop Leaders, Musicians & Artists 2016

Here are some of the inspiring beings who will contribute to this year’s festival. More will be added to the website regularly, so do check back regularly!


Sacred Earth – Devotion, Mantra & Heart Songs * Svagito Liebermeister – Family Constellation * Sasha Cobra – Healing with sexual energy, Hugging meditation * Chandra Lacombe – Musical Oracle * Bob Hansson – Bobshops about Meditation, Everyday Love & Writing * Matthew Silver – Performance Art, Adult Play * Beta Lisboa – Yin Fascial Yoga * Florian Schlosser – Meeting in Truth, Satsang * Meera – Painting * Nishant Matthews – Heart Yoga * Erika Palmcrantz – Raw Food pioneer * Kalid – Trance Dance, Sweat Lodge, Firewalking * Estera Saraswati – Four Pillars of Tantra * Deva Talasi – Heart Dance * Kåre Landfald – Zen Coaching ….

and many, many more on the workshop leader page!


Delightful nature and hearty nourishment

The festival area is situated in abundant nature with surrounding forests, a majestic garden and lakes nearby to swim on hot days. We offer tasty and nutritious vegetarian food 3 times a day and the café is filled with delicious desserts, snacks and sandwiches as well as a large variety of raw food treats. And when you’re ready to wind down after a long day, take a steamy rest in our large wood-heated sauna.

Sharing Groups – a beautiful way to integrate and land

Every day for one hour we meet in our own small sharing group, a kind of festival family where you can connect with yourself and the others in a safe and held space. Here you can integrate your experiences by putting words on them without interruption and being heard in complete and accepting presence. It’s a good place to land, a grounding place to come back to every day. And a place where friendships are made for life.

A festival for the whole family

No Mind is for everyone! The festival offers a dedicated family program with fun things to do for children and teens who can participate without their parents; song, music, dance, creative activities, excursions in the forest, sports, games, yoga and more. The area around Ängsbacka is safe and lovely for kids to explore. Here you can enjoy a deeply nourishing holiday for body, soul and heart.

Workshop leaders for the children & youth program will be added to website regularly. More information about the children and youth program can be found here.


The Healing Circle

Offers participants a variety of massage, energy work, healing and coaching from
professional therapists. Here you can receive the individual attention and care that you need to enjoy even more presence or help you move forward in life. These services are booked on site and payed to the therapist. The coordinator and the session-givers for the Healing Circl will be announced as soon as they become available.

Two day tickets

You are welcome to purchase a 2-day ticket for Saturday 9 July until lunch Monday 11 July. 

Courses after No Mind with teachers from the festival

Directly after the festival we offer deepening courses with Kiara Windrider (17-21 juli) and Dan Uhrbom (17-18 juli). Later this autumn there will be courses with Beta Lisboa, Erika Palmkrantz, AcroBhakti (Boris och Nina), Estera & Zenon, Bob Hansson, Kåre Landfald among others.

Whether it is your first time to Ängsbacka or your fiftieth, we invite you this summer to the journey of a lifetime. Step into this adventure together with us!

Welcome to No Mind 2016!



See pictures and video from previous No Mind festivals!

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Festival Coordinators 2016

Email: nomindfestival (at) angsbacka . se

Price & booking 2017

No Mind Festival 1-8 July 2017

We have early bird offer until 28 February




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1) Credit/Debit Card

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Booking Terms

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Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation latest one month before the event starts, the cancellation fee is 350 SEK per person. After that, and until the event starts, the fee is 15% of the total value of your booking. Children and youth (up to 18 years old) pay half this fee. The fee we charge on a cancelled ticket is capped at 900 SEK.

Please note that when cancelling sooner than two weeks before the event starts, a doctor’s confirmation of your inability to participate is required. Refunds can take up to a month to go through. Refunds can not be made after the event has started.

If Ängsbacka would cancel the event, all payments will be refunded.


Communication policy

As part of our communication with our customers, we may keep in touch with you who have participated in our courses and festivals by mailing or emailing:
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If you have questions regarding the booking, payment, cancellation, our communication policy etc, please contact us:
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Phone: +46 55 31 00 35. (Monday to Friday 10.00 – 13.00)


Workshop Leaders & Musicians
No Mind Festival 2016

Here are some of the people that was sharing their gifts the summer 2016. 

Please note that there may be changes in the program.

  • All
  • No Mind Festival
    • No Mind Festival - All Generations Circle
    • No Mind Festival - Musicians
    • No Mind Festival - Workshop Leaders
Flowdance with partners
Melting - Sex & the Heart
Pain Science, Foundation Training, Embodiment
The Work of Byron Katie
Bodylanguage movements reflections emotions
Silent-, active-, and social meditations
Shamanic Sexual Wisdom, Body Dearmoring
Tantra teacher, temple art priestess & shaman
Tantric Yogi, Tantra Teacher
Mindful Parenting
Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Sound improvisations, Earth sounds
Sacred World Music Concert, The Power of Mantra
Expansive roots music with meaning and spirit.
The Zen Way of Coaching
Jester circus skills
Capoeira, movements
All Generations Coordinator
No Mind babies, Non Violent Communication (NVC)
Dance teacher
Steiner kindergarten teacher
Raw Foods, Edible Plants, Youth Yoga, Youth Dance
Heart connection & Deep nature connection
Performing artist
Creativity Tent
Bow & arrow making, bow shooting
Satsangâ - The Direct Recognition of Truth (via Skype)
The Work of Byron Katie (via Skype)
Yoga Class Concert
Healing with Sexual Energy, Hugging Meditation
Living Heart Guide, Heartdance
Devotion, Mantra & Heart Songs
Musical Oracle, Concert
Performance Art, Looping, Adult play, Improv
Heart-centered teachings of self-love (via Skype)
Wilderness experiences, seminars and concert
Family Constellation, Conscious Relating
Poetry Performance & Bobshops about Everyday love and Writing
Yin Fascial Yoga
Post Festival Retreat: "Walking between the Worlds" No Mind Workshops: Inka Cosmovision, Ilahinoor, Year Zero teachings
Meeting in Truth - Satsang
Contact improvisation
Circle for mamis, Meeting truth for women
5Rhythms���® & Open Floor movement practice
Wheel of Consent, 3 Minute Game, Practitioners
Contact Improvisation and Performance
AcroYoga, Thai Massage, Kirtan
Water ceremony, Realignment meditation
Kriya Yoga Satsang
MyoFascial Daoyin
Ecstatic Dance
AcroYoga, Thai Massage, Kirtan & Heartsongs
The way of Inquiry, Inquiry practise
Heart Yoga and The Opening Vision of the Heart
Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Meditation, Mindfulness
Flow dance with partner
Capoeira Professor, Coach, Natural Movement
Pink Tantra
Sweat Lodge & Trance Dance
Become the Star you already are, Body Love

Come as a volunteer 2016


As a festival volunteer you come to participate in our festivals and in exchange, you offer your time and energy to serve the festival in one of our working groups. As an exchange for your contribution, you receive our festival ticket at a discounted price; three beautiful, vegetarian meals a day and a bed in one of the dormitories or tents on the festival campsite.

Festival Volunteer Camp Dates 2016

  • No Mind Festival Volunteer: Wed 6 July – Mon 18 July 2016
    Fee: 2400 SEK.
  • Yoga Festival Volunteer: Wed 20 July – Sat 30 July 2016
    Fee: 2400 SEK.

If you combine two or more camps you will receive a discount on the volunteer fee.
2 camps = 20% discount.

Application 2017

Application not open yet.


Practical info 2016


Arrival & Departure 2016

Saturday 9 July

  • Check-in: 15.00-19.30
  • First movement meditation: 16.30
  • Dinner: 18.00 – 19.00
  • Welcome Ceremony: 19.30

Saturday 16 July

  • Closing ceremony ends at 14.30, afterwards lunch is served.


A welcome letter with more detailed information about the festival will be sent out to all festival participants. Below is some general information.

International Course & Festival Center

Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with participants, workshop leaders and volunteers from all over the world. Therefore please note that the main language during the festivals often is English but some of the workshops can be in a different language, for instance Swedish or Norwegian.


  • The festival ticket includes camping at Ängsbacka’s beautiful green camping field, which is located in direct connection to the festival area. Bring your own tent and don´t forget to bring equipment suitable for the warm as well as the cold and for a rainy summer day.
  • At an additional fee there are sometimes beds to rent indoors at the festival area; in double room, 4-6 bed room and dormitory. For availability see the tab “Price and booking”.
  • We place men and women separately unless you have booked a whole room. Please bring earplugs if you are sound sensitive – the sound can sometimes be quite loud in the festival area. All our accommodations are hostel standard with shared shower and toilet.
  • Please bring your own sheets and towels. You might want to bring an extra towel for the sauna or swimming.
  • You can rent a space for your camper or caravan during the festival, without electricity. Book well in advance!
  • It is also possible to rent private accommodation in the nearby village of Molkom. Most accommodations are located at walking distance (1-1,5 km) to Ängsbacka. Please contact us if you are interested and we’ll send you a list with contact-information of the people who let out rooms, apartments, houses and campers/caravans.


The festival ticket includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. At Ängsbacka we offer a vegetarian diet prepared with love. We use locally produced and organic products to a large extent. If you let us know in connection with your reservation, we will arrange vegan diet (same if lactose intolerant) or gluten and nut-free food for you. For practical reasons we can´t meet needs from other allergies or diets during festivals.


The Cafe & The Shop

  • The Cafe is a cozy and comfortable meeting place for new friendships and deep conversation over a latte or a mild herbal tea. You can also buy organic bakery, delicious sandwiches and healthy drinks. The atmosphere often get lively during Open Stage where you can take the opportunity to share a song, poem or just improvise.
  • In the Ängsbacka Shop you will find health products and organic body care, relaxing music, books, different clothes, organic incense, unique jewelry, yoga mats and more.


Other information

  • Money. For cash withdrawals, there is a vending machine (ATM) at the grocery store in Molkom community, about 1.5 miles from Ängsbacka.
  • Walking. A good idea is to bring coarser walking shoes for trails around Ängsbacka. Comfortable indoor shoes/slippers is also good to have.
  • Bottle/cup. Don´t forget a water bottle and maybe a take away mug for coffee and tea.
  • Sauna. We have a large sauna where you have the possibility to relax in the company of new and old friends – an extra towel is a good idea to bring for that.

No Alcohol or Drugs

Please note that Ängsbacka is a Alcohol and Drug Free place. We dont serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under influence of alcohol or other subtstances when you are at Ängsbacka.

Find your way here

It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by car, bus or train. Read more about
how to find your way here.


We are partnering with carpooling service GoMore. Enter ‘Molkom’ as your destination.


Photo gallery

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No Mind Festival 2016

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No Mind Festival 2015


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No Mind festivalen 2012

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 No Mind festivalen 2011

See more pictures and videos from Ängsbacka’s other festivals.

Video gallery

Below is a collection of videos from the recent years. You will also find all Ängsbackas videos on our Youtube Channel.


Will you join us?

Love & Light, opening ceremony

Möt Ängsbacka barn!

Firewalk Cermony

Red Fulka and Peo Hagfeldt at No Mind

Come and play! An invitation to No mind

Relaxing during No Mind – Personal

The joy of being through horses

No Mind 2009

Welcome Home – No Mind Festival

See more photos and videos from other festivals at Ängsbacka.

No Mind Festival – All GenerationsIMG_3739Ängsbacka’s summer festivals have always been popular among parents and children.At No Mind we invite you to a rich program for children, youth, parents … and adults who want to get closer to their inner child.Here the family has the opportunity to socialize with each other and with other families in a new way, in a relaxed and safe environment. The family gets a much needed break from everyday routines and stress and can get to know new sides of each other.Read Malina Arps blog about being a child – and later a mother – at Ängsbacka!Book the whole family today with our family discounts!Children’s Village – a place where all ages come togetherChildren’s Village is located in the center of the festival area, between the cafe and garden. Here the children are given their rightful place; centrally in life, society and the festival. The Children’s Village offers room for play, rest, storytelling and creative expression. It´s a safe place for all families where Anna Elheim has put together a truly amazing program for children, youth and their parents who have a longing for being physically active during the week.27832006993_ea64354a0c_oVolleyball, martial arts, rounders, No Mind soccer tournament, parkour and other fun things will be offered. For the smallest ones, we have a trained pre-school staff and a magical guest who comes every day and finds adventure with the kids, sometimes a super woman, sometimes a fairy or perhaps a clown. We have many adventures in the forest where we play, explore and build. In addition, we have a Creativity Tent with various workshops every day.During specific times each day we offer childcare for children over 4 years. This is a fun, creative and safe place where parents can leave their children while they attend workshops and take care of themselves for a few hours. We strive to have staff who speak both English, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian so that most of the kids can be understood and we can meet their needs.Toddlers and babiesFor children under 4 years we have our own “No Mind babies” area, a nice place for parents to be with their children and meet other parents. (Note: This is not babysitting for children under 4 years.)Children’s Village is open to all children and parents to socialize, play, paint, sing, tell stories, wrestling in the grass, meet new friends, and everything else related to the festival experience.27831595314_816de6bd7d_oYouth (13 – 18 years)No Mind also offers an engaging program for young people. In various exercises and workshops, we create community and the opportunity for personal growth. Of course there is also the opportunity to just be and keep up with new and old friends.Young people are welcome to also be volunteers. Participation in a volunteer group can be an opportunity to experience how it is to take responsibility and contribute, as well as provide a valuable experience of community. Contact volunteer@angsbacka.se if interested.AccommodationThe festival ticket includes camping space on Ängsbackas beautiful green camping field. Bring your own tent. For a supplement you can book single, double and dormitory beds.Wonderful Mangenbaden which lies 10 km from Ängsbacka with its beautiful long sandy beach and cottage rentals can be a great option for families with children.Ängsbacka’s Delicious FoodAll meals are included in the festival ticket! During the festival we serve vegetarian breakfast, lunch and kids-friendly foods.Warmly Welcome!Do you have suggestions for activities for your children and/or teenagers? Do you have questions about the program?

Please contact me: nomindfestival (at) angsbacka.se

Anna Elheim

Coordinator for No Mind – children and youth 2016

Email: nomindfestival (at) angsbacka.se






We have now put up 300 pictures on Flickr for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to share them far and wide. We would love to hear about your experience. Please take a few minutes and fill out the festival survey. Thank you so much, it helps us out a lot!28165147390_e418eaabd1_oNO MIND 2015We have explored it for thousands of years…now is the time for LIVING IT!No Mind – Ängsbacka’s mother festival and Europe’s largest alternative festival, is back and invites us once again to deepen our connection to the source of our being and explore what it means to truly be alive and create magic in our lives.The focus is to explore and be connected to life beyond the mind. What happens when we come alive from that space? It’s not about making the mind our enemy, rather to nourish and enjoy our other aspects of being, that can be so much more juicy and creative.The 7-day festival is located in the heart of the Swedish countryside and offers a magnificent program of workshops, activities, ceremonies, concerts, parties, and more with around 50 dedicated teachers and musicians joining us this year. These vibrant happenings provide an inspiring container for you to explore your inner being as well as connecting with others in a way that is true for you in each moment.Check out the festival program 2015!


Take a look at the festival program for the No Mind festival! We have an amazing assortment of workshops and experiences lined up for you. Click here to view the program or you can also download as a PDF.The theme of this year’s festivalNo Mind 2015 now invites all of us to take a deeper step into the art of being a conscious human being – LIVING IT.What makes you come alive? What opens your heart? How can you live that which is most important for you in your life? What activates your greatest passions and allows you to express them? What connects you and motivates you at a deeper level? What brings you back “home”?Wherever you are in life, we invite you to explore how you are living it in your own unique way. A chance to discover what is truly important for you and to share that gift with others.We invite you to start the exploration already now. Take a few deep breaths, direct your attention inside and ask yourself: “What is Living It for me?”Feel free to share your experience and feedback with us, anonymously. Our intention is to share these testimonials at the festival so we can inspire each other and find ways to live and create together. No matter what your practice has been so far, and where you are on your journey, you will find activities to support you to discover new ways of Living It, to deepen that which you already know and to connect with others that can reflect you in the essence of your being. As we believe in the uniqueness of each individual and respect the different paths that we all walk upon, we want to invite as many different flavors as possible to this great happening.Workshop leaders and musicians

Mooji – Satsang—The Direct Recognition of Truth (Online via Skype) * Arjuna Ardagh – Founder of Awakening Coaching * Mirabai Ceiba – Sacred Chant Concert * Deva Talasi – Heart Dance & Ceremonies * Paul Hurcomb – Satsang: Meetings in Stillness * Svagito – Family Constellation & Conscious Relating * Carrie Tree – Singer/Songwriter/Musician * Praful – Master Sax & Flute Player * Amy HoopLovin – Hula Hoop Dance * Kiara Windrider – Inka Cosmovision & Ilahinoor * Åsa Kullberg – Shamanic Ceremonies & Tantra * Kareem Raihani – Ecstatic Dance & Party Nights * Emma Leech – 5 Rhythms & Ritual Theatre * Gunnar Michanek – Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence * Bob Hansson – Bobshops about

Meditation, Everyday Love & Writing

Javier Cura – ContacTango * Lin Holmquist – Tantra Trance Dance & Tantric Explorations * Humaniversity Sweden – Aum Meditation & Osho Meditations * Swami Videha – Sufi Zikhr & Whirling * Nukunu – Non-Dual Therapy & Satsang * Conny Andersson – The Art of Tracking * Smrati Skog – Pulsation-breathing & Feminine Tantra for couples * Kevin James – Chanting Circle * Anna Elheim – All Generations Coordinator * Kåre Landfald – The Zen Way of Coaching….and many more on the workshop leader page!The festival will include:

  • wisdom teachings from different spiritual traditions: satsang, advaita/non-duality, sufism, shamanism, and others
  • heart-opening concerts, mantra singing, uplifting performances, spontaneous happenings, powerful ceremonies, and rocking parties! All led by world-class musicians and artists.
  • workshops in movement, yoga, dance, singing, meditations, breath, inquiry, tantra, painting, theater and more.
  • workshops focusing on topics such as relationships, family, money, life purpose etc
  • workshops on specialized tools such as Zen Coaching, Family Constellations, Raw Man Polarity Training and other modalities.
  • A dedicated program for children and youth, led by experienced facilitators in the daily Children’s Camp.
  • a meeting place to hang out with your friends and to find new friends (for life?)
  • a daily short silent space, as well as daily sharing groups and active movement meditations as an invitation to integrate your experiences and fall back into your own presence.

The list of teachers and musicians is being continuously updated so please check back for more updates!Festival for the whole familyNo Mind is for everyone! The festival offers a dedicated family program with fun things to do for children and teens who can participate without their parents; song, music, dance, creative activities, excursions in the forest, sports, games, yoga and more. The area around Ängsbacka is safe and lovely for kids to explore. Here you can enjoy a deeply nourishing holiday for body, soul and heart. Family discounts are available! Parents receive the Early Bird price (4700 SEK) when at least 2 child/youth tickets are booked. Under-25 discount also available for ages 19-25.
Delightful nature and hearty nourishmentThe festival area is situated in abundant nature with surrounding forests, a majestic garden and lakes nearby to swim on hot days. We offer tasty and nutritious vegetarian food 3 times a day and the café is filled with delicious desserts, snacks and sandwiches as well as a large variety of raw food treats. And when you’re ready to wind down after a long day, take a steamy rest in our large wood-heated sauna.The Healing CircleOffers participants a variety of massage, energy work, healing and coaching from selected professional therapists. Here you can receive the individual attention and care that you need to enjoy even more presence or help you move forward in life. These services are booked on site and payed to the therapist. The coordinator and the session-givers for the Healing Circle will be announced as soon as they become available.2-day tickets available!You are welcome to purchase a 2-day ticket for Saturday 4 July until Monday 6 July. After lunch on the 6th, you can decide if you would like to continue for the rest of the festival or not. This ticket includes full access to the festival including all meals and camping accommodation in your own tent. This is a great way to get to know what Ängsbacka is like and introduce yourself to the surroundings, the people and the festival. More info on the price & booking page.Whether it is your first time to Ängsbacka or your fifteenth, we invite you this summer for the journey of a lifetime. What lies beyond the mind? Come and let us find out together…


Welcome to No Mind 2015!

See pictures and video from previous No Mind festivals!