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8 February – 11 March 2018

Ecovillage Design Education

with Anna Kovasna, Katie Kukolj and Mariana França

 Designing Regenerative Cultures

Ängsbacka Ecovillage Design Education 2018

Intensive training for resilience, beauty and wellbeing


We are excited to welcome you to the Ängsbacka EDE and on a journey of learning, cocreation and connection. During 31 days, we will explore and apply ecovillage solutions and whole systems thinking to create a vibrant learning community, and to design projects capable of bringing resilience, beauty and wellbeing to ourselves, each other and the world.

What is it?

A certified Ecovillage Design Education run over 31 days in Ängsbacka, Sweden. We will have three days of arriving together and cocreating the beginnings of our community, followed by four intensive weeks of applied and experiential learning, one for each dimension of sustainability – social, culture, economy and ecology. Weaving through the weeks is our design studio, where you integrate and apply what you learn in the design of your own regenerative community or project.

The Ängsbacka EDE has a particular focus on tools and approaches that support us to create and nurture resilience, wellbeing and beauty – in our own lives, in our communities, and in the world. We chose this because it is close to our hearts, but also because we have seen so many friends strike out with incredible inspiration and end up depleted, disillusioned or burnt out. If you are a changemaker, self-care is a political act. If we want to cocreate the world we believe in, caring for each other and creating resilient circles that hold and restore us is part of the beautiful and necessary work we do. In the Ängsbacka EDE, we will work with all these levels, and make them an active part of our designs and the way we are together.

Our aim is for you to leave the training with a full heart and a clear idea of how to take ecovillage design further in your specific area, ready to cocreate the more beautiful world we all know is possible.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in taking their engagement in the ecovillage movement to the next level! It is a training designed for those who want to shift personal lifestyles, start new regenerative communities or projects, or transform existing ones. It is also for you if you want to take action and apply ecovillage solutions and a holistic approach to regeneration, resilience and wellbeing in your community, organisation of life.

What will you get out of the EDE?

  • Grow and communicate your ideas for the future –  and turn them them into new possibilities and projects
  • Learn, experience and apply tools for community-building and collaboration
  • Be inspired and resourced by existing solutions and decades of innovation and experience in ecovillages, communities and urban transition settings worldwide
  • Develop your own regenerative project, or cocreate someone else’s, using participatory methods and whole systems design
  • Be supported by experienced experts in the fields of social, cultural, ecological and economic regeneration and community design
  • Learn, play and explore together with an international group of engaged people for a full month of community living, mutual support and cocreation
  • Get access to a network of changemakers, ecovillages, communities and activists worldwide
  • Organise EDE courses yourself by becoming a certified EDE designer by Gaia Education and receiving the UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESD Contributor Seal (Subject to Certification by Gaia Education).

Why Ängsbacka?

This EDE is not happening in Ängsbacka by coincidence. Ängsbacka provides an amazing container for social, cultural and spiritual exploration and we are designing the program to make it possible for you to get to know and take part in this wonderful community. It is an interesting time to be at Ängsbacka as the community consciously moves towards more sustainability and are on the verge of transition from community to ecovillage. We will both learn from and support with this process – making this EDE a rather special one.

Welcome to spend a month at magical Ängsbacka!

More info:

  • The training is in English.
  • There are a limited number of spaces available. Please book your ticket as soon as possible ensure your participation.

If you have questions about Ängsbacka, food and lodging, contact booking@angsbacka.se


Warmly welcome to the Ängsbacka Ecovillage Design Education!


 The Facilitators

Who are we?

You will be welcomed, inspired and supported on your journey by your core facilitators Anna Kovasna, Katie Kukolj and Mariana França, and by several amazing trainers and experts joining the group for a session, a day or a week. These highly inspiring people really walk their talk, have years of experience in their field of expertise, and most of them live in community.


 Anna Kovasna

Anna is a trainer, researcher and community consultant passionate about the cocreation of just, collaborative and free societies where human potential is valued and the interconnectedness of life is recognised. She works as Director of Education at the Global Ecovillage Network, developing tools, training and platforms channelling applied ecovillage research and experience in five continents into resources for individuals, organisations and communities engaged in finding beautiful alternatives, innovative solutions and regenerative lifestyles. She is also involved in several funded projects in the fields of education, Ecovillage Incubation and social entrepreneurship for regenerative communities. Originally from Sweden, Anna until recently lived in Findhorn, and is currently on the road to new adventures. Some of the things that bring particular aliveness to her are dancing, gardening, cocreating with peers, hiking, rock climbing and swimming in wild seas and rivers.


Katja Kukolj

Katie is currently nomadic going where she is called and feels her skills are needed. She is passionate about co-creating in and with international communities and ecovillages around the world and finds this sense of belonging to a global tribe incredibly enriching. She works as an organizational consultant and project manager (www.kukolj.eu) but also does many other things if they feel right. Like organizing the European Ecovillage Conference 2017 in Ängsbacka or creating a website for an Eco Retreat on Lombok. She sees life as an exploration and invitation to heal, grow and learn and is dedicated to following the intense path of personal and spiritual growth. She is experienced in organizational development, consulting and coaching with toolbox full of skills combined with strong intuitive wisdom and a non-intrusive way of co-creating.


Mariana França

Mariana is a native brazilian explorer who uses the systemic field of human relations and the physical body as sources of inspiration to trigger self-inquiry. As a community weaver, she is one of the co-founders of the Terra Una Ecovillage and active participant of intentional communities in Europe and Brazil. She has been working on the support and  expansion of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). Mariana is also dedicated to the development of systemic technologies for communication and sustainability. In Forum – an alive research method in self-expression and feedback – she found an effective possibility of social innovation, being the pioneer host of Forum practicing groups in Brazil. She is also a Designer for Sustainability through the Gaia Education training (EDE) and a member of Art of Hosting(AOH). One of her passions is to facilitate and catalyse processes of personal empowerment through therapeutic action.

Practical Information

Ecovillage Desing Education (EDE)

Arrival day February 9

Departure day March 13

More information to come…

Price & Booking

Ecovillage Design Education (EDE)
9 February – 13 March 2018

Price (sliding scale)

This course is offered with a sliding scale price, based on financial means of the participant. Included are accommodation for 4,5 weeks (31 days) in shared rooms, all meals, excursions and materials used during the training:

Low income price: 23.500 SEK (aprox. 2.450€)

Regular price: 29.500 SEK (approx. 3.000€)

Support price: 33.500 SEK (approx. 3.450€)

Your costs help cover Ängsbacka’s costs for food and infrastructure as well as fair payment to the trainers and facilitators who will join you.

We are also looking at external funding possibilities and hope to be able to offer bursaries soon.

If you want to be part of this journey please stay tuned for more details appearing here in August. We are super happy to notify you once there is more information, please click here to let us know you are interested!

We are looking forward to meeting you!





Payment Methods

Tickets can be paid online by card or by bank transfer.

We encourage you to pay by bank transfer in order for us to avoid the transaction fees imposed on card payments.

If you have problems paying by card (for example due to limited allowance), please contact us for a manual payment link.

While booking you will get further instructions. After booking your ticket, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


1) Credit/Debit Card

Pay online using your card of choice.


2) Bank Transfer

From Sweden:
Deposit payment to Ängsbacka’s Bankgiro account 5038-7448

From abroad:
Swift address: NDEASESS
IBAN: SE63 9500 0099 6026 4418 5510

The adress of the bank: Nordea, Smålandsgatan 17, 105 71 Stockholm
Account name: Ängsbacka Kursgård AB

Important! Please write what event you are paying for, (and your name if you are paying with someone else’s account).


Booking Terms

If you use BANK TRANSFER, please pay directly – or at the latest the same day you book – otherwise your booking will not be valid and your place at the event not guaranteed.


Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation latest one month before the event starts, the cancellation fee is 350 SEK per person. Children and youth (up to 18 years old) pay half this fee. Within one month and until the event starts, the fee is 15% of the total value of your booking. The maximum cancellation fee for one person/booking is 900 SEK.
Please note that when cancelling closer than two weeks before the event starts, a doctor’s confirmation of your inability to participate is required. Refunds will not be made if you cancel after the event has started.
If Ängsbacka would cancel the event, all payments will be refunded.

NOTE that it may take up to one month before you have the refunded amount on your account.



Communication policy

As part of our communication with our customers, we may keep in touch with you who have participated in our courses and festivals by mailing or emailing:
– thank you letters and evaluation surveys
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If you have questions regarding the booking, payment, cancellation, our communication policy etc, please contact us:
E-mail: booking@angsbacka.se
Phone: +46 55 31 00 35. (Monday to Friday 10.00 – 13.00)