An invitation to Sacred Womb

An invitation to Sacred Womb – Women’s festival!

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The mistery

There is a mystery that arises in a room full of women… A mystery we carry in our wombs. We call all women to dive into this mystery! Women are rising all over the wold, to claim their power and to bring balance and healing to the planet and to her waters. This festival is a part of this movement and we wish that it becomes a strong platform in the future, for women to gather in sacredness. In ancient times, women came together often and supported each other, with ceremonies and rituals, through transitions and challenges in life, standing together as sisterhood. Our wish is to create a space where this power can be re-awakened!


The longing

We wish to honour our longing for:

  • Validation: that we are ok, we are good, we are enough, we are worthy with all our colours, emotions, movements.
  • Trust: that we are allowed to be vulnerable, transparent and honest with each other and will not be judged but held and accepted by the sisterhood.
  • Belonging: that we are all part of a greater movement, that there is meaning to all of it, and we are NOT ALONE
  • Desire: that our pleasure and the fulfilling our desires, small or big, is what fuels our life and our joy, and it is OK to want to put our pleasure first.
  • Self-love: that our bodies are beautiful, and sacred, and the source of so much strength and pleasure and we CAN love our bodies no matter what.


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