We feel glad and honored that you choose to participate in the Sexsibility festival. In order for us to be able to provide you a safe space during the festival you need to approve the agreement below. We wish you a very warm welcome!

Participant Agreement for Sexsibility Festival 2017


  • I understand that I am participating in a festival which is not a substitute for therapy and I am responsible for participating in a way that I can manage (psychologically, physically and emotionally).


  • I understand that everything that happens in the festival is voluntary and that I am not compelled to do anything I feel uncomfortable with. I take full responsibility for my own boundaries and for not doing anything I do not like to do.


  • I will respect the boundaries of the other participants. I will not use violence or force against myself or anyone else during the festival.


  • I will not use any alcohol or drugs during the festival (except prescribed by a doctor).


  • I will not leave in the middle of the festival without notifying some of the staff and I will not invite outsiders to the festival.


  • I understand and agree that everything said or done by other participants (including volunteers and staff in their private) during the festival is confidential. I agree not to use real names or reveal explicit details of anything that happens to another person on the festival to anyone outside the festival.


  • I agree not to take photos or make audio or video recordings during the festival (except in designated areas with everyone’s clear consent).


  • I will inform the staff about any diseases, STDs/STIs, allergies, psychiatric treatments, physical dysfunctions, pregnancy, recent surgeries, or medications that might have an impact on my participation or other peoples safety (tell us under “Message to us” on the next page or email us at sexsibility@angsbacka.se).


  • I am solely responsible to be insured during the festival and can not claim compensation for something I did or exposed myself to.


  • I understand that breaking any of these agreements can lead to my dismissal from the festival without refund.


– OR –

No thanks, take me back to the Sexsibility page.