We have been elected to represent the members of Ängsbacka

This is a presentation of members of the board of Ängsbacka Association 2016-2017. Welcome to ask questions, share opinions or make suggestions – you can reach all members of the board through board~a~angsbacka.se 

“Wisdom is the power that enables us to use our knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and others.” – Thomas J. Watson


Malin Wik

• Chairman of the board
• Member of Ängsbacka AB Management team

Wisdom Management


I have a strong commitment to Ängsbacka ever since my first employment as Housekeeper in August 2009. Throughout the years I have had the privilege to contribute practically and energetically in the daily running of the course center and the association/company board. To live, breathe and grow together with Änsbacka and the people that give life to the place is most precious to me; every day I am filled with gratitude for this gift.

2016 Ängsbacka celebrates 20 years and my wish is that what we create here and now shows deep respect for the abundance of love and energi people shared here over the years and that we are building a foundation for a sustainable, loving and transforming Ängsbacka also in the future.

When we come together anything can happen – and it does!


August Hedman

• Secretary of the board

Rooted at Ängsbacka


I came to Ängsbacka for first time at No Mind 2009. It was an eye-opener of how much more life could be. Warm hugs and meetings, melting, relaxing, challenge, joy, companionship, love and presence.

Have been to all No Mind festivals since then. Have also been to the New Years festivals, Easter festival, Tantra festival and Midsummer one or a few times. Sometimes as a participant and sometimes as a volunteer.

During 2013 I spent most of the summer at Ängsbacka and got a deepend feeling of relaxation, warmth in my heart and silence inside. That summer led up to that I moved to Molkom in october 2013. Have done all the Zen Coaching moduls since then, which contributed to further deepening.


Annica Karlsson

• Vice chairman of the board
• Booking assistent at Ängsbacka
• Health inspirator
• Certified Zen Coach

Email: annicanu (at) hotmail.com

Clear communication


I came to Angsbacka for the first time in 1997, and have remained in Molkom since then. Through the years I have been involved with Ängsbacka in different ways, first living here, being a volunteer, summer assistant in the booking office, as a member of extended community.

My passion in life is personal development and self-knowledge, to which I have devoted a big part of my life. I have taken part in many of Ängsbackas courses over the years, for example the Zen Coaching training, have studied basic medicine at the University, and I have a great interest and knowledge in the field of Health and Wellness.

I am working in the booking office at Ängsbacka. Doing administrative tasks suits me very well, since I have a sharp mind, good memory and a natural talent to sort information. Working with both people, computers, papers and numbers is a combination I like. Clear communication is one of my strengths, as well as being friendly and to be serviceminded. I feel that my long history with Ängsbacka is an asset for my work in the Board.


Christophe Golle

• Member of the board

Humanistic engineer


My great-great….great-grandparents were monkeys and they lived in tribes of usually 50 individuals. Long after them, i still feel in my DNA the desire to belong to a community. To open up to the gifts and compromises of life with others. To be a rock whose angles are smoothed by the water.

I’m an engineer who enjoys anything technical, and i’m fascinated by the human mind. I make use of positive psychology -the study of happiness-, sociocracy, theory U, neuro-linguistic programming, non-violent communication and texts by many, perhaps too many, spiritual teachers.

Having visited communities from Ukraine to Portugal to the north of Finland, i came back to the place that really touched my heart, where i feel the calling and the ability to contribute.


Ransher Kaur Jansson


• Member of the board
• Kundalini Yoga Teacher
• Vegetarian Chef
• Member of Ängsbacka AB/Top Circle

Email: tryggadyningen (at) hotmail.com



I have been living in Molkom most of my life and came in contact with Ängsbacka 2004. During my professional career I has been working in the steel industry with everything from production to sales. 2010 I started working at Ängsbacka as Course coordinator and I was employed during 1.5 years.

Since then I started my own company  2011 after I finished my yoga teacher training. For three years I have developed my business and offer Yoga classes and workshops in several places in Värmland. I also work at different course centers as a vegetarian chef. Ängsbacka is close to my heart and I have extensive board experience from sport associations and union.


Johan Olsson

• Member of the board

On lifes winding road


When it was time for me to enter adulthood the plan was to become a successful entrepreneur. As a newly graduated MBA I threw myself into the corporate world full of ideas and the “career” quickly took off. But soon it became obvious that something was not right. My soul was unhappy. After 6 years in the corporate field I therefore quit abruptly and instead went travelling the world for about a year. Through conversations with people from all over the world I got in touch with many new thoughts on how to live life. I also got in touch with buddhism and exciting theories about consciousness. Somewhere along that trip the spiritual seed that has now lead me here to Molkom and Ängsbacka was planted. 

Back in Sweden everyday life quickly caught up with me and my recently awoken interest in spirituality was put on hold. My focus instead turned towards two other areas, global environmental and poverty problems. All my work and soon my whole life started to circle around these issues. To the degree that after only a few years it became too much for my system to handle. I then decided that I needed a total break from that engagement. A decision that opened up a possibility to revive my spiritual search and even give it the main focus in my life. Workwise I took only simple routine jobs that don´t demand any deep commitment. This turning point lead to the most exciting period of my life, the spiritual and inner journey, a journey that I´m still right in the middle of and that has, among many other things, lead me to the Ängsbacka association board.


Ewa Jacobsson


• Member of the board
• Freelance Writer
• Sustainability Evangelist
• Creator

Email: ewa (at) rhizome.se

Sustainable lifestyle


I know Ängsbacka changes people’s lives and I believe her role is much bigger than we can imagine. I have seen the amazing potential man has when she gets the opportunity to flourish. I want to strengthen Ängsbacka to live up to  the vision of “an inspiration for social, personal and global well-being .” I believe in engaging our members, creating larger contact areas and collaborate in new ways.

I have strength, energy and clarity in the world I want to live in. I live what I write about: Sustainable lifestyle. I have downshifted my lifestyle and I am doing the best I can to “walk my talk”. I have enthusiasm and new perspectives after a month long Eco Village Design Course which includes permaculturedesign of sustainable communities that I want to share .

I’m a sustainability evangelist and full of ideas and eager to find new solutions to challenges. I have knowledge of communication, social media, business perspectives and tools for sustainable collaborations and projects.

I have a background as a journalist, election observer, creative director, project manager and interaction designer. I’m an Ängsbacka friend since about 15 years now and have over the years contributed in festival program teams as well as marketing- and media-team.



Nova Wegerif





• Substitute member of the board
• Cook

Email: nova (at) gmail.com

Protecting the Ängsbacka Magic


In May 1996, Lasse Ek called me and told me that he had bought a large farm that he did not exactly know what to do with, and did I want to help with the renovation? Of course I wanted to! For a few hectic weeks we were a happy and crazy bunch who scrubbed, painted, laid floors, furnished and prepared for the first course, which was held in July. Since that summer Ängsbacka, and the people I meet at Ängsbacka, have been an important part of my life. And I have been privileged to be a small part of Ängsbackas life and development.

My role at Ängsbacka has mostly been as a cook at festivals and courses. I was also involved in setting up the association and making it possible for us as members to buy Ängsbacka. For 3 years I have been the general manager, the most fun, challenging and rewarding job I have ever had! Now I contribute with my skills and abilities through the board.

I love Ängsbacka and the people who are Ängsbacka. I love the magic that is created here, when we meet ourselves and each other in a new way.  Ängsbackas greatest gift is to allow us to be who we really are, beyond our ideas of how we should be. Ängsbacka gives us all an opportunity to see and accept each other deeply, without judgment or demand. In this simple acceptance, true healing takes place, on both a personal, social and global level.

As a board member, I see that it’s my task to protect and preserve this healing and transformative magic; Ängsbackas soul. I also want to support the development and improvement of Ängsbackas business so that we can continue to give this gift to as many people as possible.


Krister Hervén


• Substitute member of the board
• Involved in Ängsbacka café

Family and friends



Per Frisk


• Substitute member of the board
• Entrepreneur
• Salesman

Email: per (at) permon.se



I have been a spiritual seeker most of my life. I founded Vattumannen Bookshop in 1972 in Uppsala while I was studying marketing, joined TM-meditation, studied English, social anthropology and film science. I began to work part time in Halsa Magazine 1978 editing books, layout, photograpy writing articles. Founded Energica Publishing Company with my wife Monica and published the common ground magazine Energivagen, later FREE. We bought the Halsa Magazine 1993 where I worked as editor-in-chief until 2008 when we sold the publishing house and the Halsa Magazine.

I have done Mullingstorp, The Therapeut Training at Risk, lots of Tantra courses, Deidas work and lately lots of courses with Balanced View. I have been at almot every No Mind Festival since the start. During the two last years I have been selling ads för FREE magazine and now, finally, FREE is run by a new owner.

My passion is diving, fixing broken stuff, gardening and short moments. I live in Orsa and part time in Khao Lak, Thailand. Married with Monica and I have tree sons, all whom have been at Ängsbacka. I still have good connections with lots of peoples in the so called spiritual field, what is happening in Sweden and abroad. I can be used as a resource. My dream is that Angsbacka becomes even more mature and finds her inner peace as a part of the natural flow of energy.