We had a magical New Year!


We ended 2016 the true Ängsbacka-way by celebrating life as it is: with dance and joy as well as opportunity for meditation and stillness. If you participated please help us create even better festivals in the future by filling out the survey

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Resting and stillness on site

Ängsbacka started 2017 with Paul Hurcombs satsang retreat. The snow is shimmering outside and prepares us for a well needed resting period without any booked events. We host one event during February and in March we are starting course season again.

This year we are looking forward to a new festival in our line-up: Sacred Womb – Womens Festival. There is also Kundalini Spirit Gathering that will happen for the second time and GEN – Global Ecovillage Network has chosen to have their yearly conference at Ängsbacka in July. Please take a look at our homepage every now and then for the latest updates.

We wish all of our guests, curious ones, members and friends a fantastic winter wherever you may spend it!

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 Warmly welcome to a course this spring!

New for this year: 25-28 May 2017

We are very proud to present a new event at Ängsbacka: Sacred Womb – Womens Festival. In the warm beginning of summer this festival takes place and we really believe it will be a success story.