A glimpse of the upcoming courses this autumn in Ängsbacka

28 Oct-1 Nov 2016

Finding your Healing Gifts

with Kiara Windrider

This retreat will focus on teachings and practices for opening our hearts and waking up to our soul’s destiny on earth, including inka healing techniques, shamanic breathwork, and lightbody practices.
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17-20 Nov 2016

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom

with Åsa Kullberg

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom is ceremonial process to reconnect, deepen and remember the sacredness and naturalness of who you are as a sexual, sensual human being. Shamanic Sexual Wisdom teachings are based in shamanic traditions which integrate spirituality and sexuality as an integral part of life.
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11-13 November 2016

Small Medicine Wheel

with Victor Forselius

The wisdom of the inca-shaman tradition has touched people’s hearts for over 5000 years. In this course you will take part in this beautiful tradition of wisdom, healing and deep transformation to clear your past so you can create your future life in harmony.
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Small Medicine Wheel.

27-30 October 2016

The Way To Inner Stillness

with Gustav Gårdlund

Welcome to a 3 day long retreat in silence – a path to deeper contact with your consciousness where you can achieve stillness, presence, inner peace and happiness.
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