The juicy Tantra festival is here!

Our Tantra Festival is growing and growing. It´s the third year now that it´s happening and around 200 people have bought their ticket – together with volunteers and workshopleaders we are expecting 360 people to join for the festival.

Yihaa! Let´s release the belly and breathe deeply together. Life energy will rise and flow all over Ängsbacka during these days. 

Check out what is happening on Facebook and Instagram.  On our Blog you can read more about tantra and other things from this summer´s festivals.  

Here you can follow the daily program schedule for the Tantra Festival.

Thank you for the Yoga Festival!

We are soon putting up a lot of pictures from the Yoga Festival that you can check out at Flickr! In the meantime, it would really mean a lot to us if you shared your feedback by filling out the Yoga Festival Survey!

Have you seen the pictures from Celebrate Life! yet?

There were so many great memories created during the festival…look at all the pictures here!