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Warmly welcome to Ängsbacka!

After a long great summer with five FESTIVALS Ängsbacka now enters the course season offering various COURSES & RETREATS within shamanism, yoga, meditation, tantra and personal development.

During the, fall, winter and spring Ängsbacka is home to a number of all-year-round staff members and short- and long-term volunteers who run and manage all operations on site, while there are courses and trainings here. The VOLUNTEER program offers a daily structure based on spiritual practice, community spirit and working meditation. Right now we are looking for european volunteers for the EVS program (se below).



Come and participate in EVS, our European volunteer program in 2017! Take part in Ängsbacka’s community life and learn about ecological farming, vegetarian cooking, sustainability, project development, web design and more. Free board and lodging plus pocket money.

Last date for application is September 15.  Read more and apply here!

Some of our courses coming up
Rancher & Lamhita

21-23 October 2016

Body Love

~ Healing Acceptance ~

with Lamhita Jacobson and Ransher Kaur

Welcome to a powerful weekend of letting go, relaxation and feeling more self-love. This weekend we offer multiple opportunities to relax deeper and catch up with ourselves. In the stillness and the soft serenity we have time to listen to what our body and soul really need. When we do, we open the connection that allows for a greater love both to emerge for ourselves and our body. Read more about Body Love

26 Nov-3 Dec 2016

Phoenix Uprising

with Estera Saraswati and Zenon D. Dorje

Join this week-long retreat that creates an opportunity to intensively heal and clear your body from stored traumas, fears, guilt, shame and any other blockages from your past as well as ancestors’ and collective memory. Come and activate your sexual energy. Let it become your biggest resource! Read more about Phoenix Uprising